Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (12) Love & Perfection Will Become the Norm for Both

Once again, dearest, we sit at the desk, fingers at the ready stroking the keys that shall produce the words needed for Love and Perfection to become the norm.

Oh yes, dearest, Love and Perfection will become the norm for you, our dear heart Keith, and the many who will follow the example provided by the two working in tandem.

It will be a great service to humanity. And what will be a great service to humanity? We shall tell you:

You, dearest, and our dear heart Keith are the first to begin the process of working in tandem to achieve the highest possible for humans. And what is the highest possible for humans? Yes, that is right, dearest; we shall tell you.

The highest possible for humans is what you are working towards achieving. Yes, that is right, dearest. And what is it that you are working towards achieving?

Another easy question to answer.

What you are working towards achieving is perfection within yourself.

We have offered the advice that ‘alone’ perfection cannot be achieved. No, dearest, there is the need for ‘two’ working together to achieve the ultimate of Love and Perfection.

Firstly, our two Light Workers, one of the Positive and one of the Negative work, for the most part without conscious knowledge towards overcoming the various road blocks that have been set up, as it were, to produce results; one being the naive Light Worker of the Light, the other being the aggressor, so to speak, issuing forth energies of harm.

In your case, dearest, we have advised that you have won the battle and now are not affected by the once harmful energies emitted by our dear heart Keith; no indeed not. However, dearest, what we have not advised is that your dear heart Keith is now to become Love and Perfection. And how is this to be achieved?

It is to be achieved, dearest, by the two working in tandem. Only in this way will the Light Worker of the Negative find the ultimate of Love and Perfection too. Oh yes, dearest, our dear heart Keith, and all Light Workers of the Negative working in tandem with a Light Worker of the Light will ultimately find Love and Perfection within themselves.

Our dearest finds this a little alarming. Even though our dear heart Keith has succumbed to the gentler energies and is finding his attitude to life almost the opposite of earlier times, there is still much work to do in the freedom from fear stakes for our dear heart.

This will be achieved, dearest, however, not without much hard work on your and our dear heart Keith’s behalf.

We advise, dearest, that at this stage in the process you take our dear heart Keith into your confidence. Yes, that is right, dearest. At this stage in the process our dear heart Keith will be more than able to absorb the words that you shall bring forth; of this you can be sure.

We have asked our dearest, once again, not to allow comments, Dear Ones; yes indeed. We do this with the aim of leaving our dearest to do that which must be done to enable the two, working in tandem, the freedom to achieve Love and Perfection for both. This will be accomplished over the next few months, Dear Hearts; indeed it will.

It will be with much great pleasure that we will produce a series of articles highlighting this process. This will be done to enable other Light Workers to follow the example written about.

Many Blessings to all

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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