1. Our Light Worker of the Negative Begins the Releasement of Fear

This post marks the beginning of a series of articles highlighting our two Light Workers, Carolyn and Keith, as they wend their way toward Love and Perfection for the two. We shall keep you updated, Dear Ones, as to the evolution of their journey; a journey that will promise freedom from fear for both.


Our dearest wonders how long it will take for our dear heart Keith to become a dancer. Keith has, in the main, been the opposite of a dancer; taking steps rather than flowing with the music.

We can say to our dearest not to be disappointed; Keith will become a dancer in time. This will require removing the fears that prevent him from expressing himself.

Yes dearest; this is one of Keith’s major fears – that of expressing himself. For what is dance, dearest, if not the act of allowing that which is within to show itself without?

And this we say to all Light Workers who find themselves at this juncture now or will at a future time:

There comes a time when the fear of self expression will find you face to face.

Will you allow the fear to maintain its limiting grip upon you; or will you free yourself from what seems an impenetrable hold?

Our dearest, this evening, together with our dear heart Keith began the process of fear removal; this they did, Dear Ones. The first and major fear to be faced by our dear heart Keith was the fear of not remembering.

Is this not a major fear for most? Is this fear one that strikes at the heart of most? Does this fear cause palpitations to occur, sweaty palms and hands, uneven breath or cessation of breath? Indeed it does; yes indeed. Many suffer at the hands, so called, of the fear of not remembering.

In our dear heart Keith’s case, he fears not remembering the steps of dance routines. This fear causes our dear heart to forget. And this is the quandary, Dear Ones. The very thing you fear is that which you shall cause to be true; yes indeed. By fearing a particular happening, you will cause it to happen. This is the substance of fear. Whatever you fear will become true for you.

Do you want your fears to become your reality? Yes? No?

Were you to have answered no, Dear Ones, then this is what you shall have.

Ask for your fear to be removed. That’s right. Ask your soul to assist in the removal of your fear, and so it shall be. Ask once, twice, thrice. Ask as often as your fear surfaces. This may take as little as asking once or as often as the sun shines in a week or a month. However, should you be sincere in wanting the removal of your fear it will be done. Perseverance, patience, and good will toward yourself are the keys needed to set you free.

Our dearest requires patience; yes indeed. The reward of her patience will bring many rewards. The greatest of these will be the opportunity to enjoy the movement of dance with her loved one Keith in the manner befitting her request. Yes dearest; flowing with the movement of dance will be yours with your life partner, Keith. This will become splendour for you both.

We trust that you will appreciate the need our dearest has to forego communicating with you one on one. Although this pains her somewhat there will be ample time for comradery when her work with our dear heart Keith comes to its conclusion. Until then, Dear Ones, our dearest wishes you much Love and Blessings; as do we.

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Many Blessings to all

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