2. The Releasement of Fear Brings Rewards

I have nothing to say!

Indeed, dearest; however, we have.

Our dearest is realising that she is to have a wonderful life; yes indeed. This has dawned upon her over the past few weeks as she, and her dear heart Keith, find joy, camaraderie and love as they perfect the nuances associated with dance.

We are not speaking about perfection in the sense of an attainment of perfection in the physical sense; no, Dear Ones. The perfection, of which we speak as always, is the attainment of a lack of fear. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; our dearest ones are finding, as they journey along the path of dance, how generous is the lack of fear. We shall explain:

Firstly, Dear Ones; our dearest’s fears were heightened by the fact that our dear heart Keith could not remember the dance steps. Yes, the fear of not being able to remember was self perpetuating. As written in an earlier transcript –

The very thing we fear will become our reality.

And this was indeed the case for our dear heart Keith. He could not, due to his fear, remember the steps. We are delighted to report, Dear Hearts; our dear heart Keith is not only remembering (almost 100%) the dance routines as given. He is now ‘fine tuning’ the figures within the routines.

This is proving a great delight to our dear heart as he consciously and with great detail scours the appropriate teachings; and also watches, to his heart’s content, those who’s many years of practise offer the exacting nuances associated.

To say that this also delights our dearest Carolyn would be to understate the condition prevailing. Indeed, many years has she tried, in error, to cajole, insist and mock our dear heart Keith for his lack of desire.

It is now coming true for our dearest ones. They are at the beginning of becoming one. As written; they will continue to act as one. This will become more and more evident within the dance.

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Many Blessings to All

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