3. Our Dear Heart Keith Continues the Releasement of Fear

Our Dear Heart Keith is remembering. Yes?

Yes, he is remembering much more and with greater ease than ever before.

Would you say, dearest, that he is relaxing?

Yes I would say that he is relaxing more and more. However, I believe there is still much for him to achieve in this area.

And why is this, dearest?

Keith has always been quite self conscious, I believe. Dare I say that I know this because I was once exceedingly self conscious and, therefore, know the tell tale signs, so to speak. Although there have been great strides in this arena for Keith I know from his dancing that there is a way to go before he can freely express himself.

And this is the quandary for all Light Workers, dearest: The Freedom to Express Themselves.

Yes indeed; our Dear Light Workers of the Positive and Light Workers of the Negative are tarred with the same brush. Each has been given the erroneous trait of self consciousness. You will not see this in those who are here for the sake of interest and interesting experiences. No indeed, Dear Hearts. Those here for self enjoyment are, in the main, free of this debilitating trait. This gives them the overwhelming ability to enjoy their every moment as they wend their way from one enjoyment on to the next.

However; not so for the Light Workers of the World, no indeed. For the Light Workers comes hard work; a state of mind our dearest is coming to comprehend. Yes indeed, it has been much hard work for our dearest of late. We shall explain:

Since overcoming the negative offered by her life partner, our Dear Heart Keith, has come another phase in the work of attaining Love & Perfection; that of assisting our Dear Heart Keith to overcome the many nuances of difficulty within his particular personality. The main personality disorder that springs to mind, Dear Ones, is the trait of fear associated with self expression.

Although, as our dearest has mentioned, much has been achieved of late by our Dear Heart Keith, there is still much ahead in the work of overcoming. This, we are pleased to advise, is a work that will be achieved in the not too long distant future.

Our dearest wishes for this to be a fait accompli, Dear Ones. However, we hasten to advise that Rome was not built in a day and neither will the personality of freedom of expression. We do advise, however, that much to date has been accomplished. Is this not the case, dearest?

Yes, this is the case. I have witnessed Keith becoming freer in his expression in all manner of ways. Although yes, I would love for this particular negative to have seen its last, I do appreciate the multitude of ways it has decreased; particularly to be seen in the dance.

And this, dearest, will continue. Patience, and a willingness to continue the battle is all that is required.

Once again, Dear Ones, we shall not be asking our dearest to allow comments. We offer to you our sincerest regards and know that our dearest will delight in one on one communication with you when the work with our Dear Heart Keith comes to an end. Until then, Dear Ones,

Many Blessings

Continued – 4. The Journey Continues for Our Light Workers

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