Evolution; a Surprising Reward of Backwards Aging

Evolving, Dear Ones; that’s the word our dearest has used recently to describe the changes occurring within and without.

Evolving…..  And what is the definition of the word evolving?

Develop, progress, advance, move forward, mature, grow, expand, extend, alter, change, transform, adapt, metamorphose.

The word that has caught our dearest’s eye is the word ‘metamorphose’:

Transform, mutate, transfigure, convert, remodel, restyle, reconstruct, transmogrify.

Of these, Dear Ones, the word ‘transmogrify’ intrigued our dearest:

‘Transform in a surprising or magical manner.’

Yes, Dear Hearts, these and more are the descriptors you will use when the transformation our dearest experiences becomes your experience.

It will not only be the ‘outer’ transformation that will surprise, but also the inner restyling that will delight and inspire you.

Our dearest has been advised that by year end she will be twenty seven in the backwards aging stakes. This she thought was to be the outward show of the transformation; and indeed this, to a certain extent, is true.

However, Dear Ones, what our dearest failed to appreciate was the inner restyling. Yes, Dear Hearts; the inner restyling to the effect of a much clearer, younger, more vital thought process; one that our dearest has not, within this life time, experienced. And this, Dear Hearts, brings us to the definition of ‘evolving’.

Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest appreciates that she has not backward aged in the sense of her thinking. No, Dear Hearts; our dearest’s thinking processes continue to evolve into a form unknown to her. And this, Dear Ones, will continue throughout her lifetime.

She and those who are ridding themselves of fear will continue to evolve. That is, Dear Hearts, your thinking will not remain stagnant, which is the usual case when aging is present. No, Dear Ones, with backwards aging comes evolution.

Many Blessings to All

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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