Disbelief Vanished

Today marks the end of an era; yes indeed it does. And what era is that? The era of which we speak is the era of disbelief. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts, our dearest no longer denies the truth of her mission.

Oh yes, Dear Ones, there was an inkling of an idea; just an inkling that there was no truth to the fact of her mission. Just an inkling; however, this too has been vanished. And why has this been vanished?

It has been vanished because, Dear Hearts, our dearest continues to backward age. In so doing her strength of both body and mind continues its journey to greater youth, vitality, zest and vigour.

To say that this is welcomed by our dearest is to speak the truth.

We do not want to say more; except to say we shall be asking our dearest, in the not too distant future, to post an image or two in order that you too will see the truth of the backwards aging in progress.

Many Blessings to All

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