A Most Wonderful Plan

Fortunately dearest, we have a plan!

And pray tell; what plan is that?

The plan we have been formulating, dearest, is a plan of great intent. Shall we advise?

Yes please do; I’m all ears!

Yes indeed, dearest, and we are pleased to tell of our most exhausting plan. A plan to beat all plans, so to speak.

It was in the year……………………  we jest, dearest, yes indeed we jest.

Like all plans, they appear to be of a spur of the moment happening; a knee jerk reaction, as it were, to the thoughts that traverse the mind. However, in this instance dearest, we are not speaking of a sudden impulse resulting in a plan. No indeed dearest; this plan has been formulated and has been going about its business for many a year. The plan of which we speak is the plan that you have been following ad infinitum – well, at least for the time you have been inhabiting, so called, the body of the one named Carolyn.

Confused, dearest?

No I’m not confused. I understand the plan for the one, me, named Carolyn.

And so you do, dearest. Yes we know that this is true for you. However, dearest, it is of the future plan we speak. This you do not fully understand.

Yes, that is certainly true. I do not know the future plan; though, I am delighted with the present!

Indeed dearest, this too we know to be true for you. However, were you to allow we would like to speak a little of the future plan. Do we have your permission?

Yes of course.

Right dearest, on we go:

You are currently enjoying maintaining the art of learning within the dance. Yes?

Yes I am currently thoroughly enjoying placing the majority of my time thinking about and practising ballroom dance.

This has been a great pleasure, dearest?

Yes it has been a wonderful way to spend time.

And why is that, dearest?

My love of dance has been something that has kept me interested all my life. Along with music; the ability to sway to the rhythms created has been the mainstay of my life.

You did not always enjoy life, dearest?

No, I did not. The past few decades, since having this connection with you, life has become increasingly better and better.

And today, dearest?

Today is a vastly different kettle of fish. I am no longer alone. I am able to enjoy company, and my life has become a wondrous thing.

In what way, dearest?

Before I knew what my role was I was rather like someone treading water; going nowhere and having no fixed direction.

And today, dearest?

Today I have the understanding of my role as a Light Worker; one who is acting as an example and a catalyst for others. I know that if others follow my lead they will also come to know the wonders I experience today.

And tomorrow, dearest. What about tomorrow?

This is where I have become a little confused. You will need to explain what you mean.

Tomorrow will continue to be a joy for you. Yes?

Yes, I believe that to be true.

And why is that, dearest?

Should I continue to do as I am doing now – asking for help. Whenever a challenge brings the slightest negative I immediately ask my soul to assist in its removal.

And this occurs, dearest?

Yes it does.

And this will continue to be the case, dearest?

Yes I believe this will be the case. I can’t see any reason why this should not continue.

Yes indeed, dearest; this will be the case.

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