Freedom From Fear

Our dearest has reached another corner stone in the journey to Love and Perfection. Yes, Dear Hearts, this day saw our dearest appreciate yet another facet of living without fear; that is right, Dear Ones. And what facet is that?

The facet our dearest has realised this day is the ability not to be affected by all and sundry. This is correct, Dear Hearts. When a certain level of development has been attained, fear, in all the ways it materialises, is no longer applicable.

We shall not give the example our dearest experienced this day; it is of a rather personal level and one that she herself may wish to volunteer at a future time. Suffice to say the experience has quite overwhelmed her with the realisation that there can be nothing that can interfere with the general feeling of well-being once a particular level of development has been attained.

Well done to our dearest. This attainment has brought with it the realisation of a continuation of life to be lived free of fear; enjoyment of never ending learning; and the continuation of calm and momentum of joy being that which will envelop our dearest’s days.

Many Blessings to all

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