Spiritual Insights – Day 20

Day 20 – A Journey of My Spiritual Experiences  

Fairies and snakes and plants and animals;
all things started to talk with me.

Fairies and snakes and plants and animals; all things started to talk with me. I had begun to collect stones and crystals. I fell in love with things that came into my world over the next decade. I learned so much. I tinkered with things uncommon. I delved into things unknown. I learned about runes and numbers and astrology and fairies.

One fairy, I remember, stayed with me for about 2 years. She was about 2 feet tall, lithe and gay. She would always come to me to brighten me when I felt down. And there was Donald, he came a little later. He would sing sailor’s songs. I would sing with him and feel comforted.

I had bought an Azalea. It spoke to me and advised me where it would fare best. As I understand it today; I was being shown that everything has an energy; everything has its own unique energy. All of those individuals who came to me for counselling; all of those ‘so-called’ spirits who gave me messages to give to their loved ones; each had their own particular energy. Yes, I was being taught that we each have been given a personality; an energy that is uniquely our own to experience.

S o many delights to be had; so many experiences for the asking. Yes, it becomes more and more clear to me as I write this journal.

Meditation had been the beginning of slowing my mind to the state whereby I could receive the understandings. It was the key to opening the portal between human experience and my soul’s understanding. It is my soul who today makes the choices. It is my soul who shows me the way. I have had experiences that have showed me the darkest and the lightest energies we can experience, and I know now that they only differ by the slightest degree; neither good nor bad, just different.

How sweet to see fairies and to hear a crystal tell you his name is Gus and that he thinks your name is just as absurd as you think his name to be. This is what happened when I spoke to this particular crystal I had been carrying with me. It was a rose quartz; said to be a gentle form of healing one’s self if meditated upon or carried on ones’ person. I was in the car, on my way to Queensland, when it spoke to me. “Gus is my name,” it said. “That’s a strange name for a crystal,” I replied. “Well, your name is quite a strange name to me, too.” He had an energy that belied the understanding of the rose quartz. He was rather arrogant and feisty. I began to question the understandings I had read; and life, as I knew it, changed enormously.

She said she had a snake in her care. She had been coming to my meditation group/circle for a few weeks and understood that I could talk to animals. I told her it would die within a short time and that it had a kink in its body. “Yes, it did,” she said. So many experiences are rushing to my mind.

Too-ra-lee, the little fairy, with her cute little dresses and flowers in her hair; singing and dancing in green forests; so sweet. Departed loved ones speaking words of love to give to their dear ones before me. Plants telling me to plant them where they could get the morning or the afternoon sun. It is now becoming so clear to me. And here I am today writing about all of these experiences; giving understanding that everything has an energy; an energy to be understood and experienced.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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