The Art of Washing Up Reflection

The Art of Washing Up Reflection   (Listen while you read)  
Oh, do I really have to?
Why do we ‘wash up’….. we’ll tell you. We ‘wash up’ because we have to. Many of us do not like to ‘wash up’; no, we would prefer to be left untidy, unclean…. Surprised? Indeed, many of us would prefer to spend our time doing many other things, would we not? Indeed, many of us find the act of ‘washing up’ a dreary waste of time. Yes, indeed this is the case for many of us.
Now; what would we do if we didn’t have to ‘wash up’? We could engage in other activities. Yes, we could engage in activities that bring us more delight. Yes, that’s a good idea. Let’s engage in other activities like; dreaming, thinking, amusing ourselves with countless activities that bring us pleasure, seems like the way to go.
Right; that’s it, no longer to ‘wash up’ – no. Let us all do those things that bring us pleasure, and never mind the smell.
Smell – you say!
Yes, smell. Well, if we are not going to ‘wash up’ then we are definitely going to smell…; are we not?
Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Hmmmmmmm, well, after giving it some thought I think that perhaps we ought to wash up; afterall…!
Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I agree Rumpy… Germs are no fun….!
      I’m sure though; that Jen ensures that ‘germs’ don’t get a ‘hold on you’. 😉
      I have a puppy-dog, just like you (well, maybe not as ‘big’ as you) and she does not like to be ‘washed up’..! I can’t possibly understand her reasoning for; after her ‘washing up’ she smells grand and she looks a million dollars. Now, why wouldn’t she want to be ‘washed up’ when the end result is so magnificent..!?!

      Seems I’ll never understand puppy-dogs…!!!

    1. Ha ha haaaaaa…. 🙂 Reminds me of washing my last little cat (Persian Long Hair – (BluePar)). Because of his medical problems he couldn’t wash himself like other pussies and so I did it for him almost weekly. He ‘hated it’, of course however; he would sit and ‘allow’ me to wash and then dry him…. Aaaahhhh such sweet memories; he was indeed a wonderful little companion…. 😉

        1. Yes Resa, I so adored my time with BluePar or (effectionately – Bloopa). There is a story associated with his name…. His name on his ‘pedigree papers’ was Blue Par (This I didn’t know until I was given them some weeks after agreeing to buy him.) In the meantime my guidance advised me that the name Bloopa would be a fitting name for him. As it turned out he had many medical difficulties which made him walk like a drunken sailor…!!! 😉 He made many ‘mistakes’, as it were; falling over or trying to lick himself, which looked more like ‘air guitaring’….. he was such a sweet little creature… and the name ‘Bloopa’ was very appropriate…! Yes, very sweet memories…. 😉

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