Flowers (General) Reflection

Flowers (General)   (Listen while you read)  

Fresh From The Garden
A Painting by Albert Lynch

‘Bout time someone thought of us…. You’ve been doing reflections for Dogs, Cats, Animals, Tortoises, well; maybe not Tortoises, but you get our drift. Yes, we are feeling a ‘little put out’; wouldn’t you?

(No, seriously, this is not our energy; we are just joshing with you. In general, our energies are translucent and peaceful. That’s right; our energies are light and gay. We are pleased; however, that you have been given the insight that it is now ‘our turn’ because we would not like for those who love us to ‘miss out’.

There are indeed many who love us; and rightly so. We brighten up many a day, many a birthday, many a celebration. Indeed, we are a thought away from any occasion.

We must, because of our inhibitions, tell you something about ourselves that you may not know.

We, simply put, are happy to be propagated and grown; however, there is just one thing that does irk us so.

And what, pray tell, is that?

Well….. we want you all to know that we are full of a substance that, once taken, will never be the same again.

And, pray tell, what is that?

It is, our dear friends, an abundance of ……. Whatever you want it to be, my friend. That’s right. Whatever you want us to be; that is what we are. Do you not understand? Yes? No?

We have been given a delightful energy that allows us to become a part of your day in a way that makes you cry, or laugh, or pray, or sing, or do whatsoever your little heart desires.

Is this not true, dear friends? Do we not become whatever your little heart desires? Do we not become a thank you, a gift of gratitude, or a simple ‘how are you’? Is this not the substance and the energy that we have been given to portray?

Indeed, dear friends; know this.:

Each and every thing on earth has been given an energy; an individual energy. There are not many things upon earth that have been given an energy such as the energy that has been given to us. No, dear friends. We have been exulted on high by being given the energy of ‘diversity’…..

A truly humbling state of being, dear friends.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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