Chamomile Tea Reflection

Chamomile Tea   (Listen while you read)   
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea
For our Health Sake
Whilst ever there are pots, there will be flowers……!
Oh, how sweet the Chamomile flower. Oh, how precious its aroma. Oh, how soothing is its medicine. Oh, how grand this innocence.
(Yes, the Chamomile is indeed a wondrous plant; grown for health and prosperity, this plant has the ability to charm the harshest stomach. It will vaporize those unpleasantries within the gastric shelf. It will meander through the toughest digestive attack. It will prolong health for the trillions upon trillions of cells that live within. Oh, how humble and grand is the magic powder that can do no harm.
If ever there was a substance deserving of high award; this is it, my dear friends.
Partake of the Chamomile in your tea, in your scent, in your favourite room for; here dwell the mystery of its savor. It is pure, and largely reminiscent of youth. Oh yes, dear friends; this little flower has a multitude of reasons behind its known abilities. Count them 1 through 100 dear hearts. Count them on your hands, your fingers, your toes, and you still won’t have the understanding inherent within their wondrous tones…..)
Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I was sipping my chamomile tea this morning and was ‘inspired’ to do the reflection… 😉
      It is sooooo very good for us…! 😉 &
      After receiving this understanding – ‘It is pure, and largely reminiscent of youth’ – I will enjoy it even more… I can feel myself getting younger…. 🙂

    1. Yes Dean, me too.
      It’s a wonderful herb and tea… with so many health benefits….
      It’s not often that something that tastes good IS actually good for us…! 😉

              1. He’s probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met… If you look through my pictures, you will see a red head that pops up on occasion at various ages…that’s him 🙂

                    1. Oh, he’s adorable…. 13 going on 60….
                      I’m so sorry but I have to dash… I’ve just received a mysterious call from my partner to come pick him up….. As Arnie said… I’ll be back…. 😉

    1. Yes Kim, it’s healing benefits are huge…. especially for settling things that are a little ‘unquiet’… like tummies…. and minds…. and muscles cramps…. and inflammation…. The list is extensive….
      Apart from that; it’s a darn good reason to sit down, put up your feet, and enjoy a moments relaxation… 😉

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