Chinchilla (Silver Persian) Reflection

Chinchilla (Silver Persian)  (Listen while you read)


Handsome, alluring, full of fun, daring, irresistible it’s true.

All the superlatives under the sun. All these I bring to you.

What more could you ask for; a meow from a cat who adores being with you.

Yes, my friends; this cat actually enjoys human company! What can we say about this precious/precocious little being.

His nature encompasses all that is sweet and pure. Oh yes; this little cat not only enjoys human company, he also wants company.

The personality of the Chinchilla is by no means to be underestimated; which can be the case for those unsuspecting mortals who believe that sweetness is a form of weakness. Oh no, dear friends. Do not be fooled into believing that love and kindness is a form of naivety and unknowingness. No, dear friends; far from this. Indeed lovingness and kindness and sweetness must  come from a place of strength if they are truly love, kindness and sweetness. Otherwise, dear ones, they are folly in the hands of a fool. 

Yes, dear friends, do not mistake this personality with weakness. For, just below the surface is a judgment to rock all judgment, so to speak. To be sure, this personality type is no fool. No, this personality type is as sharp as a tack, and will have you sorted within minutes.

Oh yes; do not underestimate the qualities of this personality for to do so would bring the wrath of a thousand angels down to bear upon you.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  ingret /

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