Swan Reflection

So you want to know the reflection for the Swan, dearest. Indeed we shall deliver your desire.

The Swan represents the best in us. Yes, this is indeed true. We need only look at the reflection for the Seahorse in the Sea/Water Family where we will find its mirror.

 Yes, I understand that this occurs throughout all of the animal kingdoms. We find, for instance, the reflection for the Lion in the Animal Family and the Crested Pigeon in the Bird Family to be of a similar elk. This is also shown in the example of the Alaskan Malamute in the Dog Family and the Shetland Pony in the Horse Family.

Yes, dear heart, all kingdoms bear similarities, as you’ve said. Indeed, the birds of the air and the beasts of the plains bear similarities, indeed. One likened to the other, dear hearts. A parallel of energies, you understand. Yes, even the flowers and the trees have their counterpart within the other kingdoms.

However, dearest, it is the graceful Swan you wish to understand. Yes?


And why is this, dearest?

This is so because, although I have a couple of very small glass Swans I have been drawn to a rather larger pair, once again glass, that I bought this morning. As is my habit I looked to see what the reflection could tell me as to why I have been drawn to them. I was surprised to see that we hadn’t one published.

And now, dearest, your curiosity is aroused. Yes?


You have read the reflection for the Seahorse. Have you not?

Yes, I’ve just now read the reflection.

And what did you garner?

It reminded me of a conversation I had with ‘The Daughter’, Veronica, only yesterday.

Pray tell, dearest, what was that conversation?

I relayed a lovely conversation I had recently with a woman I respect and whose company I enjoy. Our conversation went something like this:

“I really enjoy being sweet with all. Just because some aren’t capable of sweetness doesn’t mean I have to be the same. No; I really enjoy the sweetness of comradery.”

My companion said:

“And you really do it so well.”

Yes, indeed, dearest. You really do it so well. And this makes you feel what?

Just as the Seahorse reflection shares:

I am truly at my best when I follow the sweetness within.

Many Blessings, Dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. Yes, Rebecca, it really is that simple; as I know you appreciate!
      Yesterday saw me having the first Covid19 Vaccination along with others at the Medical Centre. It was so ironic. Covid19 is such a serious condition affecting us all. And yet, dear Rebecca, here we were having a very enjoyable experience together. I was so fortunate to be with a group of very upbeat, sincere folk.
      And this is life – to make it the most heartwarming experience possible!
      Kisses and Hugs to You…

      1. I am so pleased that you have that heartwarming experience. I had my first vaccine a couple of weeks ago. I marvel at the care and compassion that is demonstrated by our health care workers. Truly amazing!

  1. Love this reflection, Carolyn!
    Miss you, and it seems although I do visit your blog, I don’t find new posts.
    I must be doing something off. Hope you are well!

    1. No, Resa, I don’t think you are doing ‘something off’.
      I currently have ‘Our Free Books’ page as the first window seen when someone visits. To see the actual posts (of which there are few these days) you have to scroll down to the ‘Recent Posts’ heading.
      However, dear Resa, I do believe if you are meant to see a post, you will. It’s all about trust….
      And yes, I am well, apart from a slight headache caused by the Covid Vaccination I had yesterday. Little inconvenience for a great reward…
      Here’s hoping that you too are well.

      1. Okay!
        Nice to see you, Carolyn!
        Glad to hear you are getting vaccinated. I’ve had 1 shot.
        I am well, thank you! xoxoxo

        1. “I’ve had 1 shot.”
          That’s great to read. Living in a regional area our shots have been a little slow coming. I’ve been registered at the local Medical Centre since early April. I was inspired to go to a Medical Centre ten minutes drive from home. I asked if I could register for the shot and was told I could have it then and there. Haha.. I booked Keith in for later that morning. We’ll both have the back up shot early August. It does feel good to be protected. Further to that there will be restrictions on things like travel for the unvaccinated. I’d really hate to be in that category. Whether or not we intended to travel I’d sooner know we can if we wanted to.
          It’s a different world in which we are currently living! Better to make it as enjoyably livable as we can.
          Lots of Love

          1. Yes, it is a different world, and I will be me, but a bit different coming out of all this.
            There’s been a lot of time toreflect and express.
            Lots of love back at you!

    1. And I’ll back you all the way! Haha

      Just as an aside, Barbara; K and I enjoyed your blueberry pie over the weekend – again!!!
      We were so naughty. We ate it all by ourselves, this time. Last time I made it we shared it with the daughter and her hubby. It’s such a lovely treat.

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