Keith To Have Knee Surgery Plus An Unexpected Answer

Listen While You Read

We are pleased to report that our Dear Heart Keith has been seen by the specialist doctor who reports a operation upon our Dear Heart’s knee will correct the injury, thus making dancing possible once again. Does this encourage, dearest?

Yes, it does, though, at the same time I do not have the enthusiasm for dance I once had.

And why is that, dearest?

You have advised that we all have varying chapters within our lives. Ballroom dancing was one such chapter for me, I believe.

You enjoyed this chapter, dearest?

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. However, I find now that the ballroom dance bores me somewhat.

Would you engage in other forms of dance, dearest?

For a time I was interested in the Latin style of dance, but found that dancing by myself was not conducive to enjoyment.

By yourself, dearest?

Yes. Keith’s knee injury has made it impossible for him to do more dancing than once per week. In the past few weeks he hasn’t been able to dance at all.

We appreciate this, dearest. It has been quite an unfavourable situation for all. Yes?

Yes, this is the case. However, I am now unsure as to how often I will want to dance once Keith recovers from the upcoming surgery. I miss our dancing friends and the wonderful comradery with them. This, though, doesn’t nullify the lack of desire to dance.

It being a form of self-expression for you, dearest?

Yes, that is true. Dance has allowed me to express myself in ways hithertofore unknown. As I recently wrote in a comment to a fellow blogger:  Dance was a great release for me when I was an introvert. I could, on the dance floor, forget my inhibitions and enjoy the music, the comradery and the intricacy that is dance.

Are you beginning to appreciate your lack of desire, dearest?

Yes, I believe I am. I no longer am that introvert. I no longer need the dance floor to express myself.

Many Blessings, Dearest

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. Keith and you look absolutely exquisite out on the dance floor. Spectacular photos and great memories. I am so pleased to here that Keith will be able to return to dancing.

    1. Rebecca, Keith absolutely loves the dance; and he does it so well… 😉 😉

      As I mentioned in the post, I don’t know how often we’ll dance as my desire is not what it was. However, there will be ‘some’ dancing. Keith would be devastated otherwise! We’ll find a path; just maybe a new one…

      Thank You for your lovely presence and remark. I do love your support.

  2. I agree with Clanmother about the dance pix. And, your dresses – ooh la la!

    Of course, it’s boring to try to enjoy ballroom dancing without your favorite partner. Once he’s recovered from his surgery, maybe you’ll fall in love with it again. Either way, you’re enjoying one of the greatest benefits ballroom dancing has to offer, the freedom to express yourself.

    Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.

    1. The dresses are fab, Barbara. I still have the ones highlighted; others I’ve given away. I can’t bring myself to give those few away; maybe I’m still holding on? 😉 😉

      I can only agree with you regarding expressing yourself. Dance has been such a joy for me in this respect. And I see others doing as I have done. They go from awkward and embarrassed, to more competent and confident. It’s a great journey, for sure!

      And I love supporting you and being supported by you. Who else could better understand the world of dance, but you?

    1. Well, Dorothy, maybe we can ‘dance away’ in late June or July. Haha

      The doc has said that a torn Meniscus cannot repair itself, hence the surgery. But, better than expected with knee surgery that usually has a three to six month recovery time, Keith’s torn Meniscus (after surgery) will see him able to dance again within two to three weeks. We are both so pleased with this information. K has been suffering long enough! I’ll just be happy to see him get a good night’s sleep!

  3. Wow, those photos of you and Keith dancing are wonderful! How beautiful you look in the dresses, my friend. All the best to Keith with his surgery, will be thinking of him

    1. Christy, that is one of the wonderful aspects of comp dancing – the fabulous dresses, baubles and beads that one has to wear! Haha…

      Thank You so much for your well wishes. Keith says THANKS! Early June will see him in for ‘day surgery’… I’ll look after him so well.. Haha

    1. That is so sweet of you to say, Dear Anjali. We certainly felt wonderful in our dress-ups. Keith looks fabulous in his tails!

      He will also just be so pleased to be out of the pain he’s been suffering now for such a long time.

      Many Blessings to You and Your Lovely Family
      I do hope your husband is feeling stronger, and your dad continues to improve.

  4. That’s wonderful news about surgery hopefully being able to correct the injury, which should make so much difference to Keith.

    You’ve shared such beautiful photos here, Carolyn. I’m sorry ballroom dancing is no longer what ignites that fire in you, though I do like the way of seeing it as the transition to a new chapter, taking with you the joy and memories from the dancing days and moving forward as the less introverted woman you now are as a result. Plus, it’s never the end, not really. Maybe the desire will come back and you could dance on occasion; maybe it won’t, and that’ll be okay too. You handle the challenges and changes in life with such grace.

    Does Keith have a date for the op yet? I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish him all the very, very best. And sending hugs to you, dear Carolyn 🤗

    1. Caz, I love your in-depth analysis of all things; you do it so well… I truly appreciate your insight.

      Yes, I doubt that this is the last dance for me. I’m sure we will go to the occasional dance; at least. However, Caz, there is so much more to this new chapter!

      As The C.C. advised: Once Freedom from Fear has been realised many things change. For instance, I understand my desire to dance was an aspect of overcoming the fear (introversion) of my personality. Now achieved there is nothing forging me on, so to speak. I will always love the dance, however, I won’t be dancing with the same inner need.

      There is also one other advice from The C.C.: They have said that on our way ‘backward’, those things we did on the way ‘forward’ (ageing) won’t hold the same meaning for us.

      And this is what is happening for me. Not for Keith, at this stage, as he has yet to achieve Freedom from Fear. It is certainly an incredible journey.

      And now I’m looking forward to ‘what comes’ next!

      As for Keith’s surgery: He has day surgery June 8. Hopefully, he’ll be recovered by end June/early July. I’m so pleased for him!

      Hugs, Kisses & Many Blessings to you Dear Caz

  5. Charlee: “We’re glad to hear that Keith will be able to have surgery to make his knee better!”
    Chaplin: “Even if you don’t dance as much as you used to, it will be good to have the option for those times you do want to. And knees are important for other things, too, like running and jumping and climbing up the cat tree and bunny-kicking your sister in the face and—”
    Lulu: “Wait, are you suggesting that after his surgery, you think Keith is going to be climbing cat trees and kicking people?”
    Chaplin: “Well not necessarily. But just like with dancing, he’ll have the option.”

    1. Thank goodness Keith doesn’t have a sister…. Ummmm, or a brother!

      Chaplin I do appreciate the substance of your words. Knees are important for so many things, like gardening and shopping and walking up stairs and, and, and, and….

      Lulu, you are right. Keith won’t know himself if he doesn’t have to worry about every step he takes, walking or dancing! He’ll have to carry a mirror……. just in case!

      Ah, I feel so happy for him…….

  6. Life has turned out to be so stinkin cool!! Do you agree? I mean, I knew “change” was coming, but I never fathomed it would happen in my/this lifetime. Sometimes I get so filled with giddy excitement inside me, that I feel I could burst and spread joy world wide.

    Thank you for being such a fine example of how injoyable Life should be.

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