Seahorse Reflection

Seahorse   (Listen while you read) 

Well, well, well. So you want to know what the Seahorse represents. We will tell you.

YOU, dear heart; it represents you, when you are at your best…….

Hi there; I’m a seahorse and I like to be good. “Good”, you say! Yes, good.

I enjoy being good; so is there anything wrong with that? Yes, or no? Well I don’t mind what others think; I enjoy being good and that’s the way I’ll stay.

“What is good?”, you ask.

Well to me good is enjoying myself. I can’t enjoy myself if I’m bad, so to speak.

Yes, good is being calm and loving and friendly and mischievous.

“Mischievous”, I hear you say!

Yes, there’s a lot of fun in being mischievous, don’t you think?

Yes, being good makes me feel good. I don’t do it for any other reason; oh no. I’m not being good because I want you to think that I’m good; oh no. I’m being good because it makes me feel good. Funny though; ‘cause when I feel good you are generally made to feel good too.

Funny thing this being good is. When I feel good and calm and friendly and mischievous then you can feel good too; kinda like a ripple effect, you know!

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. So, I love all the sea creature reflections. I especially like this Seahorse reflection. It’s very good, if you get my drift!
    So, I would like to do a Starfish reflection, now called Sea Stars. Did you know they have eyes and live up to 35 years! 😀 xoxoxo

  2. I do love this reflection. I can remember doing it as though it was just yesterday!
    I’ve always loved Seahorses; I have a number of ornaments/plaques here and there in my home; they make me smile just looking at them. 🙂

    This is rather interesting, Resa. The reflection of the Sea Star (Starfish) is the sea/water creature who belongs to this collection:
    So if you don’t mind, perhaps it had better be some other sea/water creature. But not Killer Whale, Jellyfish, Shark or Walrus, as I have reflections (not published) for them.
    Loving that you want to do one… 😀

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