Beaver Reflection

Beaver (Listen while you read) 

shutterstock_115731247Beaver400Robert-EastmanWhat! Lots to do!

You say we’ve got lots to do!

Yeah, that’s life.  

Yeah, that’s to be expected.

 Did you think that life was to be easy?


No; life is for working hard in whatever manner is right for you.

(It’s all about priorities; yep that’s right; it’s all about priorities.

So, where are your priorities? That’s the question that the beaver is asking of you. Where are your priorities? Once you can answer this question all of your troubles will vanish my friend. Where are your priorities? What is it that you want? Do you want to be forever second guessing yourself, or do you want to know what your priorities are? Do you fear knowing what your priorities are? Are you concerned that once you appreciate what they are that you will not be able to fulfill them? Yes my friend; life is one big priority after another. Once we fulfill one priority we will find another priority taking its place. That is right my friend. Do not be afraid to name your priorities; no dear friend; this will allow you to practice tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance; that indeed you have priorities, and acceptance of the fact that priorities are a normal condition of living. Once you have accepted your priorities, named and fulfilled them, you will be satisfied my friend. Without having achieved this personal goal you will remain inconsolable indeed.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Robert Eastman/



    1. Hey girl….. I’ve just been over to your place and left a message to say thanks for honouring me ‘yet’ again…. You’re a great girl and you inspire me sooooo much; I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ve met you (even from afar, you shine so bright)…. Oh…, hang on while I wipe my eyes; they’re going all funny from the bright light coming from your place… 😉 🙂 😉

      All better now….. 😉

      1. Awww…shucks! I am happy to have met you too! I have really enjoyed knowing you. So far. ROFLMAO Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hehehehehhe Oh heck, hope your eyes are ok? Wouldn’t want my shining light to adversely affect your eyes!! That would not be good.

        Side note: such a bs’er. Heheh

        1. ROFLMAO…!!!!!!! 😉
          No, it’s okay, I have been putting visine into them and they’re returning to normal… 😉 I’ll just have to remember to ‘squint’ when I look in your blog’s direction… 😉 hehehehe

          Moi; a bs’er….. neverrrrrrr……. 😉

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