What are the steps to be taken in order for Backwards Aging to begin?

We would like to address this question that shall be on the lips of many in time to come. We have written about this many times, Dear Ones. However, our dearest Carolyn would welcome a synopsis of Backwards Aging for those whose curiosity will not be quenched easily. That is to say, Dear Ones; there will be many looking to acquire a ‘quick fix’ as our dearest has spoken. To assuage the curiosity not engendered to search through the many articles written upon this subject; we offer the following:

Without a ‘backdrop’ of knowledge, Dear Hearts, Backwards Aging will remain only words. That is to say: Backwards Aging is independent from your belief structure; your economic structure; your religious, family, race, etc., etc.; you understand.

However, Dear Ones; Backwards Aging will be enhanced when you consciously allow the truth of our beginnings, our middle, and our end to become a part of that which you live on a daily basis.

We are not expecting the truth to be taken easily. No, Dear Ones, we are not. However, when the truth is heard it cannot be unheard; you appreciate, Dear Heart. A minor aspect, or two, will remain. With further ‘hearing’, more and more will become a part of your conscious understanding. With this conscious appreciation will, in time, become more and more a part of the truth by which you live.

This, more than any other means, will enhance Backwards Aging.

And this, Dear Hearts, is why we advise:  Read, read, and reread our free books. They, more than any other reading, will allow the truth to penetrate.

Our dearest reminds:  “This is not as easy as it may seem.”

Yes indeed, dearest. However, this is the advice we give to those whose goal is to Backwards Age.

A beginning, Dear Heart; just a beginning.

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© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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  1. You’re right, for sure. I’ve read all of your books, and it seems easy, but it is not.
    I thought about backwards aging when I saw Cher’s latest pics. She does not look 1 day over 27.
    I wondered if she was backwards aging, or just a result of cosmetic surgery. Either way, I adore her work. xoxoxo

    1. Yes, Resa; I do so agree with you… We (spirit/consciousness) have not made this easy to achieve. There is firstly, at least there was for me, bewilderment, confusion, disbelief, etc., etc…. It took quite a while before I could ‘come to terms’ with it all. I read and read and re-read everything The C.C. gave. I remember sitting transcribing the words, usually in disbelief. However, not now, of course. Backwards aging has ‘put pay’ to any misgivings I had. 🙂

      As far as beautiful Cher is concerned… She is exceedingly open about cosmetic surgery and such:

      Calling herself the ‘poster girl for plastic surgery’, Cher has always been pretty open about her tweak-ments, admitting over ten years ago, “Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn’t?”.

      Helping to smash the stigma that cosmetic surgery is something to be ashamed of, she once said, “It makes me happy. [And] you know, if I want to put my tits on my back, they’re mine to do so.”

      Hahaaaa… She is quite special, indeed.. I love her openness.
      I must confess; I was seriously thinking about surgery some time back. The C.C. advised that I may want to ‘wait’ for a while. I’m sure pleased I did… 🙂
      Love You…

  2. I’m the one who’s curiosity is working almost every day, dear Carolyn. We know it’s not easy to archieve this, but when it’s your path, we get there in the end🐌 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🐾😽💞

    1. So true, Dear Binky… There seems to be an invisible force that takes us to where we need to be. We may stop along the path to take a selfie or bask in the sunshine… but, our goal will be reached. I know as long as Granny has something to do with this, it will be done!!! 💯 ⚡️ 🔥
      🐾 🙂 🐾

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