The Rewards of Backwards Aging Continues

Our dearest Carolyn has had yet another delightful weekend; indeed she has, Dear Hearts; three social dances; yes, three.

We inspired our Dear Ones, Carolyn and Keith, to attend a social dance last Friday evening. Then on Saturday our dearest knew that they would be attending a favoured dance of yesteryear with the host and hostess with the mostess. Yes, they were surprised, for, of late, they have been attending just one social dance each Sunday, except when busy with other life happenings.

This morning, after a good night’s sleep, our dearest is ‘pain free’ and feeling fine. We say ‘pain free’ because, Dear Ones, this was not always the case when our Dear Hearts strung together a set of social dance events. No, Dear Ones, it would take our dearest a couple of days to recover from such a dance hop.

We hastily remind our readers of Backwards Aging. Yes, my Dear Friends, our dearest Carolyn is stronger, younger and more agile than ever. Being now in her late thirties, age wise, our dearest is experiencing the value of a more robust frame.

Won’t you join with us in this ultra new and inviting quest? Backwards aging is available for all Light Workers. And you, Dear Heart, who has read to the end, are one such one.

Our previous article shines the brightest light on how to achieve Backwards Aging. The choice, as always, is yours.

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  1. Great to hear, dear Carolyn, that you now feel better and younger. What an achievement in one weekend! Many hugs from me and Mr. D. XXX

    1. I’m surprised, too, Helen; we haven’t done that (three dances in a row) since before I became ill in 2013. Even then, I wouldn’t have been doing, as I am now, the Monday morning washing, and catching up on the housework. I would have been languishing somewhere recuperating… 😉 😉
      Hahah… Life certainly is changing! 🙂
      Hugs to you and Mr. D. (I missed giving Mr D. a hug on your latest post, which was wonderful to read….) 🙂

    1. Haha Yes, Charlie; I’m still surprised.. and still going strong! 🙂
      I have just been speaking with Veronica, who can’t wait for me to reach the agreed upon age so that she can too… Hahaaaa…
      I must confess that, even though I/we have been aware that this was to happen, the reality of it is amazing! 🙂

    1. The past month, or so, Megala, I’ve noticed an increase in strength and energy. I was only just saying to Keith that I felt I needed to eat more, I seem to be more hungry of late. I haven’t gained weight, though, I believe I have gained muscle. I have been doing as advised and keeping up a ‘moderate’ amount of exercise; though, the weekend’s mammoth amount of dancing certainly took me/us by surprise!

    1. It is wonderful, Richa. It’s also wonderful to see you… ❤
      And to think that those, who choose to do this work, will not have to age past their twenty seventh year is quite amazing! What a fabulous time ahead for many, including we who have lived for many decades. The transformation is beyond words… 🙂

  2. I need some backwards ageing and reading your posts helps a lot with that! They really make me smile. I caught myself thinking that it is time to let my old soul be young for once. Thank you for reminding us of these so important details to make our path as light workers easier 🤗 🌺💃🕺Sending much love xxx

    1. I do enjoy your posts, Vanessa, and the video I watched, too; they are full of helpful advise and wonderful positivity. 🙂
      Yes, the Light Workers road can be quite daunting, at times. It seems we share so many qualities in common, and neither do we ‘miss out’ on some of the more harrowing aspects of life like illness, confusion and, at times, mayhem… But, our attitude, in the main, is our saving grace. And your attitude, Vanessa, is like a breath of fresh air.. 🌈 🌟 🎶 🔔

  3. Wonderful!!!
    Do you think perhaps my wanting to take on another exhausting film project is because I have backwards aged?
    A film project is many dances strung together.

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