Another Step toward Backwards Aging

Second on the list, Dear Ones, when it comes to attaining Backwards Aging, and all that this entails, is being true to yourself. Yes, Dear Hearts, this may seem like a ‘throw away’ line, however, it is not. In the scheme of all things this, like so many, is taken for granted and not given the level of supremacy it deserves.

For, Dear Ones, being true to thine own self is paramount to a level of commitment needed for the beginning of Backwards Aging to have its way. And what do we mean by this?

We mean, Dear Ones, there is a need to take yourself seriously.

Our dearest is in agreement. She, like so many Light Workers, took herself less seriously deciding instead to cast her allegiance upon helping others.

This is good, Dear Brave Hearts, for those who have attained a level of self worth, inner strength and a knowledge of how best to avoid the pitfalls of life.

Yes, Dear Ones, many take it upon themselves to be of assistance to others when, in all probability, they would be best to concentrate upon their own maturity.

We say this, Dear Hearts, with all good intentions. We do not mean to discourage those whose light is strong; no indeed not. It is to those who are still faltering with their own self confidence we speak.

Do you believe you are one such one, Dear Heart? Do you believe there is a need for you to place yourself at the top of your list, and not somewhere down the bottom?  For this we see all too often; Light Workers sharing their light erroneously.

Yes, Dear Hearts; we salute you for your desire to be of assistance. However, we ask that you look within and see if firstly you need to place yourself at the top of your list.

Yes, Dear Brave Hearts; if you can see the need for more self esteem, confidence and support, we suggest firstly that you concentrate upon you. Then, when all your fears, your regrets, your ‘so called mistakes in life’ have been taken to heart, evaluated and released; then, Dear One, we will rejoice to see you instructing others.

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© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the Workers

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    1. This means it must be getting cold in your part of the world… brrrrrr… 🙂 We, here in Oz, are heading toward a rather hot and dry summer!
      I adore the Monarch butterfly, Michael, and have always been quite captivated by their migratory habits (incredible that they fly such great distances).
      We also have them here in Australia; they were introduced in the late 1800s, along with their favoured Milkweed plant.

      1. Wow, that is news to me, Monarchs in Australia. Makes sense though, we have problems with foreign organisms such as zebra mussels and aeglids. Monarchs are a positive change for Australia, hopefully. We keep a milkweed patch here to support Monarchs.

        1. There is some controversy. The introduced milkweed, as you know, is considered a weed; it’s like can now be found far and wide within Oz, which causes some concern, others not.
          Our nurseries sell the milkweed, plus other suitable plants, many now specifically for the Monarch to prosper.
          There is always a ‘cost’ when introducing new species of anything…
          It seems, though, the Monarch will survive, at least whilst ever people love butterflies…!

  1. This sounds applicable to a current situation in my life.
    I went to a job interview. I don’t take many, any more, as it is all about bringing other people’s art through film, into life. I use my talent to help it realize itself, for them. Of course I am rewarded with $$$ & the possibility of an award.
    My Art Gowns are what I should be concentrating on. They are at the top of my list.
    Sometimes, I feel a loss not working in film as much. However, when I work on my Art Gowns I feel a gain. The Art Gowns rejoice in many people.
    I might be stuck in the middle.
    Letting go is difficult, even when in letting go, I am gaining.

    1. We shall answer your question, Dear Heart, by giving our dearest Carolyn as an example.
      Some time past our dearest thought her dancing days were done. We are not referring to the illness she suffered, no Dear Heart, we are referring to her ‘lack of desire’.
      Since returning to dance with a ‘lighter heart’, she has made many gains, with others rejoicing in her return.
      The Light Workers ‘light’ becomes an unconscious beacon that emanates and flows through and to all who are capable of receiving.
      Whilst we enjoy seeing your creations, Dear Heart, and have suggested creating same for valued clients; there is a need for you to further your walk to perfection in the arms of many, and not bind yourself to the few!
      Our dearest achieves this through dance. It is here will be her greatest audience in time as she moves forward to Backwards Aging and the agreed upon age of twenty seven.
      Can you not see a parallel, Dear One?

      1. Yes, I can see it! Designing is my dance. Thank you! I will continue my journey! A lighter heart will be in the forefront. Thank you!

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart. Our dearest Carolyn places herself at the top, and we suggest this to you, Dear One. Even though hers is a life lived in the service of others, her own value and support is a constant within her daily doings. As such she has the energy to do all that she has agreed to do. Without being ‘number one’ on her list, our dearest would falter; indeed she would.

  2. Great advice, dear Carolyn! I have come to this insight after many years of putting others first. And still sometimes struggle with it 🙂 Many hugs from me and Mr. D ❤

    1. Indeed, Helen; I too have struggled with this throughout my life… Thankfully, the past few years I have come to terms with this and now place myself at the top of the list; I can even be quite ruthless and can ‘tune out’ until I feel refreshed and/or ready to continue.
      This ‘stealy’ quality is something I now enjoy; whereas, at first, I felt I was being selfish… Hahaaaa… such folly! 🙂
      To You and Mr. D ❤ with huge hugs and kisses…

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