Life & Entertainment

And on to entertainment. For, Dear Ones; is this not what life is about?

You think not, Dear Hearts? You think that life is not about entertainment?

This is life, in all its wonder – to be entertained…

Were you not to be being entertained by life, Dear Hearts, then you are mistaken. Yes, Dear Hearts, you are mistaken in regard to the meaning of life.

Life is not meant to be a hardship. No, Dear Ones, this is so. It, life, can indeed be a hardship. However, we are here to tell you, from this moment forward, life, should you allow, can be a continuous and glorious rhythm of entertainment.

We have surprised our dearest Carolyn with this statement. Be this as it may; we shall reinforce our statement with another.

Should you choose to live in fear, Dear Ones; then fear will choose to live in you.

Now our dearest Carolyn is appreciating our first statement.

Yes indeed, dearest; were you to be living in fear do you believe you would feel ‘entertained’?

Our dearest does not, Dear Ones; and neither should you.

Ask; this is what we advise you, Dear Heart. Ask for the fear you feel to be removed. Yes, that is right, Dear One. Ask us to remove your fear. And, if your desire is true, we shall assist in the removal of your fear.

Our dearest Carolyn asked this day for another fear to be removed; this she did.

The result, Dear Ones?

The removal of the fear was ‘almost’ instantaneous; indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. So true, Frank. Fear will dominate, if we allow!
      I rarely fear these days; something I can honestly say I’ve worked hard to achieve. However, today the daughter (my beautiful daughter) raised a topic of conversation and I found myself fearful. I immediately swung into action asking The C.C. for help in its removal…
      It didn’t take long and I was free… 🙂

  1. ‘Should you choose to live in fear, then fear will choose to live in you.’ This is a quote that I had to immediately write down! It is true in the same line as life being entertainment. If you expect to find something, you often do. If you expect to find fear in a situation, you often find it very quickly. If you wake up expecting magic in your day, then you usually find magic, even if in the little things. The same can be said for entertainment and many other things!

    1. Absolutely, Caz; unstoppable and happy indeed…
      Yes, it takes work, but, my oh my, every little effort is worth it.
      I know you know this. Your attitude is amazing! 🙂

  2. Okay try again, won’t let me post! This is very true Carolyn, but the ‘Master’ remember him lol. He told me fear has to be controlled because a man without fear is a dangerous man. But there are different fears, there is the fear of diving 100ft on one breath and the fear of telling your boss he is wrong 😜 Love your posts they always make me think 💐

    1. Hahaaaa…. Charlie, if your theory is correct then I am enormously dangerous!
      Mind you, diving 100ft on one breath is not fearful, it’s just plain dangerous… 😉 😉

  3. I’m flowing along, fearlessly, apparently. Hmm, that sounds like suspicion (caused by fear).
    Yet, still, flowing, and I like what’s happening. I must have shed a fear.
    It seems, from this post that we can rid ourselves from our fears….one fear at a time.
    Do I understand, correctly?

    1. You have it in one, Dear Heart; indeed you do.
      Yes, Resa; I was unaware of a fear I had. It surfaced whilst chatting with Vron.
      Without going into it deeply, the consequence was I was able to speak with my man about a certain subject. He didn’t have a problem with it; it was just a perception I had; one totally erroneous! However, the fear was just as real as any fear. Now gone. Yeah!
      And this I understand will be the case from this moment forward. With each level of ‘fearlessness’ will come new experiences. Those experiences will carry, perhaps, fears that are unknown consciously.
      I can appreciate that when it comes time for me to go more ‘public’, there may be fear around this new experience. It will then be necessary for me to be aware of this possibility of fear and ask for help in its removal.
      So yes; as a fear surfaces (old or new) we have the opportunity to remove it. This is the premise for Backwards Aging: Fear causes aging. Take away fear and we take away aging…

  4. hello carolyn page its dennis the vizsla dog hay i yoozed to be entertaynd by playing fetch but theez days that is too mutch for me and i am entertaynd by shredding cardbord and cuddling mama and dada!!! now the hipster kitties they ar entertaynd by literally evrything in the entire wurld it must be nice to be so eezily fasinayted!!! ha ha ok bye

    1. Shredding cardboard and cuddling are grand activities, Dennis…
      I don’t have any kitties. I used to have a beautiful kitty; but, he went to kitty heaven some years past.
      It really is, though, as if he didn’t go. His memories are so sweet, it’s almost like he is still here!
      Love never dies… 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, this is true. And without fear we have the opposite effect; one that guarantees the best outcome for all..
      Once again; it is lovely to see you.. 🙂

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