Agreed Upon Age – 1

Whilst enjoying brunch together our Dear Hearts, Carolyn and Keith, Veronica and her husband Michael were swapping joyful memories of their weekend’s happenings. Both couples had been engaged in adventurous doings.

Their iPhones were in full swing. Images showing their delights, were in hand; each couple having many to share.

It was during this time our Dear Heart, Keith, was inspired to take a picture of our dearest Carolyn and Veronica.

We present this image to you, Dear Ones, with this understanding:

Our dearest Carolyn is to reach the age of twenty seven before our Dear Heart, her daughter, Veronica; this is as arranged, you understand.

Our dearest, being almost twenty four years Veronica’s senior has, understandably, further to backwards age than our Dear Heart, Veronica.

This has been known to the two for some time. However, Dear Ones, the proof of backwards aging will become evident as we publish more and more images of our Dear Ones.

It is with our Dear Heart, Veronica’s approval that we do so. This will not be an easy assignment, although agreed upon, by our Dear Heart. Yes, our beloved will feel the pinch of envy as she witnesses her mother becoming younger looking as each month passes.

We hasten to add, Dear Ones; this will be a grievance for only a short period of time. For, Dear Ones, as soon as it is evident that our dearest Carolyn has reached the age agreed upon, then, and only then will our Dear Heart, Veronica, be the second to reach the agreed upon age of twenty seven.

© Keith Compton

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Hahaaa…. Resa, this one ‘took me by surprise’…
      Little make-up on the day! Hair brushed back!
      Oh dear; will I ever not be vain? I doubt it… 😉 😉

  1. hello carolyn page its dennis the vizsla dog hay mama and dada hav agreed that i am twelve yeerz old so i gess that is my agreed upon aydj!!! sadly sinse i am a dog that agreed upon aydje is a littel older then yorez!!! ok bye

    1. Yes, Dennis, I believe you must be all of eighty four, or thereabouts, in the land of human age… How wonderful to have lived such a long life with your Dear Ones who love you so much. You are one lucky pooch; just like our three lucky little pooches who are luved and luved and luved. 🙂
      But, oh; we humans sure are the lucky ones!

  2. It is quite amazing, Megala! 🙂
    And yes, we are both looking forward to see the changes. They are happening now quite often and unexpectedly.. I/we are certainly enjoying the ride…. 🙂

  3. WOW! You both look so beautiful, Carolyn and so much alike. You could be sisters. Granny and I too, I’m almost the sweet sixteen and she…not…MOL…the sweet sixtee…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful ride back 🐾😽💞

    1. I am, Binky and Granny; I am enjoying the ride ‘back’… hahaaah.. 🙂
      For a very long time, almost two and half years, I have been ‘consciously’ riding back! But, B and G, it has been quite a slow process until very recently. I don’t exactly know why; maybe I have been an extra very good girl the past little while… . 😉 😉
      Veronica (Vron) has also been riding back. It is a little sad that she now has to wait for me to ride back to twenty seven. I hope that doesn’t take too long. I can’t wait to see how wonderful twenty seven will look all over her!!! 🙂
      Lots of kisses and hugs… 🐾 🐱 🌈

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