Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (3)

Listen while you read  

Another day; another remembrance.

Yes, Dear Hearts; another day brings more memories of previous days. This is a simple statement, yet one that has a deeper meaning when pondered.

Our previous two writings have offered much by way of information; this is true, Dear Ones. This day we bring more information to the fore; information that, if taken within, will evidence renewal. Yes, Dear Ones, a renewal of memory.

Our dearest is, once again, perplexed. She does not know to where we lead.

We are leading, dearest, to remembering; this we are. All knowledge is known, dearest; it may not be conscious knowledge. However, it is known.

We are consciousness. We are consciousness having a Fantasy. In this particular Fantasy we are human; i.e., four billion of us are Light Workers; two billion working as Light Workers of the Light, and two billion working on the opposite team.

As we have stated, there is need for a member of both teams working together in tandem in order for progress to be made. And to what progress do we work? We are working toward the progression of the Earth Fantasy to one of Love and Perfection. We shall not go into this more deeply, Dear Ones, there is ample written material upon this subject.

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; we have spoken of the need for the Light Workers of the Light and the Negative to work in tandem. Only in this way will progress be made.

Our dearest has had, overnight, a joyful happening. May we dearest?

Yes, please do.

Right dearest, we shall.

Our dearest is a Light Worker extraordinaire. This is her life’s work; her agreed upon calling for this so-called lifetime. Hers has not been an easy task, Dear Ones; her work has demanded much from her. Her life has been devoid of a career, as such; it has been thwarted in its forward movement, so to speak.

Our dearest has the capacity to be whatever she may care to be. However, we, consciousness, have intentionally kept our dearest from being successful in her attempts to improve her financial/social status. Yes indeed we have. This was and has been done to keep her removed from the daily throng, so to speak, maintaining her within the sphere of spiritual work, you appreciate. Yes, Dear Ones, many a person has been blessed by her counsel; work that, in general, brought her little financial gain. However, this is to change. Our dearest now has the opportunity to re-visit. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest now will have the opportunity to do as she always wanted. We shall not speak of her dreams. Until they are becoming a reality it is best, by far, to keep one’s own counsel, lest the negativity of others cause setbacks. However, her dreams will be fulfilled.

And why are they to be fulfilled? They are to be fulfilled because of the work our dearest has done in the perfection stakes.

Yesterday our dearest was given a challenge. The challenge being to surrender all negativity toward her partner, our Dear One, Keith. Last evening saw her grappling with this challenge. Many hours saw her entangled within; on the one hand, love for her beloved; on the other, fear and loathing for some of his conduct.

Was she successful in surrendering the negative energies? Indeed she was. She was able to remain gentle, loving and with her usual humour in the face of the negative promptings which our Dear Heart, Keith, unconsciously rendered toward her.

Hear what we say, Dear Ones. Your team member of the Negative unconsciously emits negative energies toward you. They are the result of us, The Collective Consciousness who, by agreement, cause your team member of the Negative to violate your thoughts with negativity. And this challenge is now yours, Dear Ones.

Our dearest has been working upon herself for many a year. We do not expect you to surrender your negative thoughts toward a Light Worker of the Negative in an overnight forage; no indeed. You may take as much as, in Earthly terms, one year to relinquish those deeply embedded fears; you may take as little as a day, a week, a month. However, Dear Friends, know this is part of the agreement you made; and know it can and will be done.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones

Continued – 4

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Such a great and beautiful post. A MUST read that we all must to read and know about. Firstly I was completely amazed with this kind of theory that I have neither imagined nor its thought ever knocked my mind. Great read.
    How are you? Hope you are doing well.
    Will glad to have you at my site and your words at my latest post. Thanks. Happy Weekend!!

    1. Good morning to you, Dear Heart. Yes, it is morning for our dearest in her homeland; a land she loves deeply. However, Dear One, she shall be travelling the world in future times. It would be a joy to meet with you in your homeland. This will come to pass in a time most advantageous to you both. Many blessings to you, Dear Heart
      Hi Purva, lovely to see you here; I’ve missed you!
      Yes, I am doing extremely well, Thank You. It is my dear Keith’s birthday today and it is going to be a joy filled day.
      Much Love to You

    1. And to you, Dear Heart; a pleasant day ahead.
      We offer the same advice to you, Dear One, as we offer to our dearest Carolyn. We appreciate your circumstances, though, impress upon you the advantage of taking up the challenge in regard to your member of the Negative.
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart, Many Blessings.

        1. We shall create a post, Dear Heart, advising the necessary steps to gain freedom from the overbearing energies. Our dearest wishes you well, Dear Heart; and looks forward to your upliftment.
          We shall place your question upon the Ask a Question page.
          Many Blessings to you

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