Positive + Negative = Evolution

Listen while you read

Our dearest has asked for an understanding of those who are playing the role of one of the two billion perfected souls/consciousnesses within the negative. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; our dearest wishes for more appreciation of the ‘mind set’, as she has spoken, of those consciousnesses helping the two billion Light Workers of the Light to achieve perfection.

Indeed, Dear Ones; there be four billion Light Workers (approximately, you appreciate) upon Earth within the Fantasy:

  • Two billion upon Earth, within the Fantasy, being Light Workers whose purpose is to achieve perfection;
  • whilst two billion Light Workers act for the negative, you appreciate.

Without this teamwork, perfection cannot be obtained. Indeed, Dear Hearts; your greatest friends in the perfection stakes are those acting within the so-called negative. They be your loved one, Dear One, one closest to you in the Earthly sense. Your brother, sister, mother, father, indeed, your friend, your closest companion could be a Light Worker of the Negative. Their purpose is to pose as your greatest challenge to overcome the negatives within the world and yourself, Dear Friend.

Think well of these individuals who have chosen to be the catalysts for the evolving condition of the Fantasy. Without them all would be lost, so to speak. Without them there could not be an evolving condition toward perfection whilst in the flesh.

Do we make ourselves clear, dearest?

Indeed we do.

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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  1. The Light Worker of the Negative: I love that …
    The only way to achieve a synthesis is to trascend negativity through positivity… but curiously enough that movement of trascendence amalgams previous states … the synthesis combines the opposites in a brand new thing…
    Excellent post, dear Carolyn… Many hugs 😀 ❤

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart; your comment is much appreciated by us and our dearest, who spoke with her loved one, Keith, regarding your enthusiastic nature. A joy to behold, Dear One.
      Many Blessings

    1. Yes indeed, Dear One, they are on equal footing with those who have agreed to perfect themselves; a tryst extraordinaire that shall bring joys for them of which we shall speak in due course.
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

  2. I totally get this explanation. It’s clear to me that I have such relationships. There is one I benefit from the most. I’ve called him my “devil’s advocate”, but this has never tested love/respect we share. There is much learning and growing as a result.
    Here is a crazy thing. Recently, it seemed to me that I was the negative. A moment of my weakness, perhaps, Through this experience I think I came to see that …. I appear the negative, sometimes.
    Is it possible that 2 souls here in the Earth Fantasy, can share/exchange positive and negative roles, and both end up perfecting in the flesh together?
    Perhaps my question should be moved to “questions”, but I’m here now in this comments box! xoxo

    1. We shall speak more upon this subject in a post, Dear One; one that was intended to be written in due course. Suffice to say, Dear Heart: You are a Light Worker of the Light; nothing can change this state, Dear One; you shall remain a Light Worker of the Light for this experience. However, this does not mean you will always be of ‘the positive’, so to speak. We all, whilst within the Fantasy, meander here and there!
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

    1. Thank you, Dear Heart; we know you speak truth. This is not to say that ‘truth’ is always ‘the truth’. There is only one truth, Dear One; one which will come to light as we move forward.
      Many Blessings to you, Dear Heart

    1. Indeed, Dear Heart. Our dearest Carolyn is learning that to have ‘them all around us’ makes for some very interesting processes for personal development. Yes, Dear One, without them the world would stand still.
      We jest, Dear Heart. The world would not ‘stand still’ so much as remain stagnant. Yes?

      1. MOL…exactly! I think we’re the ones who stand still when we don’t have them around…they keep us busy… to grow…so glad I see the picture…MOL 😀 Extra Pawkiss to you and our sweet furriend Carolyn 🙂 ❤

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