Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (2)

Listen while you read  

In the second part of our series we shall speak upon the steps needed to bring victory. They are, Dear Ones, adherence to truth.

Our dearest is perplexed by this and needs further understanding. Indeed, dearest, we shall offer the advice:

The truth, dearest, is that you are a Light Worker of the Light. Many reading and many who shall read at some future time are Light Workers of the Light. Indeed, dearest, there are four billion Light Workers upon Earth at present; give or take, you appreciate. Of those, two billion are Light Workers of the Light, and two billion being Light Workers of the Negative.

As we have explained, dearest, both teams of Light Workers are needed for the new Fantasy of Love and Perfection to become the premise for the Earth Fantasy; which, as we’ve written will require a further three centuries to come into being (the last century being almost unrecognisable as the Light Workers of the Light perfect themselves).

This perfection has begun. Indeed, our dearest is one such Light Worker of the Light who is perfecting herself. And how is this achieved?

It is achieved by teamwork. Yes, Dear Ones, this can only be achieved by having a member of the opposite team working in tandem. To explain:

Light Workers of the Light require a team member of the Negative to infiltrate their lives with coercion, deliberate meanness and a control which knows no bounds. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, the Light Workers of the Light, in order to achieve victory, need a catalyst. This catalyst could be your greatest love, your dearest friend, your son, daughter, mother, father. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, in order for you to achieve perfection there must be, within your life, a catalyst.

Do not fear this catalyst; it is your greatest challenge and will offer your greatest reward.

Knowing this will bring you closer to your goal. Knowing this, and placing this knowledge at the forefront of all you do will guarantee your perfection; in time. With this knowing will eventually come a ‘softening’. Yes, Dear Ones; a softening of your attitude will come as you take this information within. You, Dear Heart, will begin to appreciate your goal and the goal of all; including your nemesis in human form. We jest, Dear One; we do not want you to see your team member of the Negative as your nemesis; although, at times you, no doubt, perceive. We want for you to surrender all negatives, including the negative response you may currently have regarding your team member of the Negative. He/she is your personal instructor; your teacher extraordinaire; your road to perfection.

We shall leave this here for now, Dear Ones.

Many Blessings to each and everyone

Continued – 3

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. We are pleased the article has touched you in this way. There shall be more, such as this, in the coming days. We invite you to read our words; they will indeed enlighten and delight, Dear Heart.
      Many Blessings to you

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