Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (1)

Our Dear Heart, Elsie, has asked for enlightenment in regard to the Light Workers of the Negative and the role they play in our lives.

“Not quite understanding what it is that I should be doing. Interested, please enlighten my dear friend.”

To this end we, The Collective Consciousness and I shall post a series of articles with this information succinctly and lovingly crafted.

Listen while you read

Firstly, Dear Heart, we shall begin at the beginning:

Most Light Workers of the Light currently have, by their side, a member of the opposite team; i.e., a member of the Light Workers of the Negative.

Briefly, Dear One, the purpose being; to achieve Love and Perfection.

Hear this well, Dear One; the purpose for a member of both teams of Light Workers coming together is to initiate Love and Perfection; a result only achieved by a negative and a positive working as one.

Our dearest has, this day, been privy to many appreciations in this regard. Her whole life has been subject to a member of the Negative being present; with a little reprieve every now and then. However, for the most part, our dearest has been limited by a member of the Negative Team in some respect or another. She remembers a young man in her teens who was of the Positive Team with whom she spent many a splendid moment; this she did, Dear One, with many memories of tenderness, honesty and respect. A fleeting tête-à-tête in the scheme of things, you appreciate. This was as it was meant to be, for, Dear One, our dearest’s role was and is to lead the Light Workers of the Light forward to victory. And how is this to be achieved?

It is to be achieved, Dear Heart, by awareness of the rules of the game.

Within this introductory article we shall furnish you with the awareness of your goal. And what is your goal? Your goal, Dear One, is to circumnavigate the negativity, which, when overcome, will lead you forward to victory. And what is victory? Your victory shall be freedom from control. Yes indeed, Dear Heart; your victory shall come slowly, though, ‘certainly’ should your goal be victory; as indeed our dearest finds more and more becoming the life always dreamed of.

And what is that dream? Her dream, Dear Heart, is living life according to her needs, desires, and pleasure. This can only be achieved when ‘control’ by another is thwarted.

We leave this with you, Dear Heart

Many Blessings, Many Blessings

Continued – 2

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. This is leaving me with thought’s and memories I can’t work out how I can ever be free of controlling methods I have learnt to live with all my life.
    My husband has prostate cancer and a very poor memory, that makes it harder than ever.

    1. We appreciate your condition and the situation in which you find yourself, Dear Heart. You will, in time, come to view your circumstances with grace and honour. Allow time to be your friend, Dear One. Rome was not built in a day; as the saying goes.
      Many Blessings, Dear One

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