Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (4) The Beginning of the Releasement of Fear and Loathing

The following is an excerpt of our previous writings. Listen while you read 

Hear what we say, Dear Ones. Your team member of the Negative unconsciously emits negative energies toward you. They are the result of us, The Collective Consciousness who, by agreement, cause your team member of the Negative to violate your thoughts with negativity.

Today’s ordeal is tomorrow’s victory. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; we ask that you take these words to heart. In essence they ask you to surrender. And what surrender is that? It is the surrender of energy; energy that has accumulated in error. Yes, Dear Ones; energy is energy is energy; it is not real, as such; it is an intangible. Indeed, Dear Ones, we speak of the energy of feeling, of emotion, of misinformation. This is the energy of which we speak. It is, ironically, the greatest purveyor of terror within the Fantasy; a harsh word, a violent response, a sarcastic grin, a sneer, a menacing glance; all purveyors of negativity, indeed.

An implied gesture of malice can and does carry enormous energy. In fact, Dear Hearts, an implied menace can be an overwhelming burden carried forever, should it be allowed. This can have devastating results upon the intended victim; just as horrific as physical abuse, yet an abuse that lingers in the thoughts making life unbearable for the Light Worker of the Light.

And this is the game, Dear Ones. We, you and I and all playing the game agree to the rules; once the rules are known, the victor changes hands. In so doing, the victim becomes the victor, and the purveyor of terror gains freedom from the promptings which, for most, cause constant bewilderment.

Hear what we say, Dear Hearts. For the purveyor of terror, the changeover brings peace from the eternal promptings that saw them bewildered by their conduct.

With this knowledge, Dear Hearts, you will evidence a surrendering of fear. This may take moments; it may take days; it may take weeks. However, Dear Ones, should you take this information within, it will take root. A beginning of your appreciation of the game will commence. The game and its rules will begin to make sense. You will feel a softening toward your aggressor. You will evidence this softening slowly yet surely. This softening will allow you to reduce the fear and loathing you may have within.

This is the beginning. We shall speak more about this in the coming days.

Many Blessings

Continued – 5

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. You have correctly said that energy is energy, it is not real as such it is intangible. The theme is so intriguing and alarming indeed TODAY’S ORDEAL IS TOMORROW’S VICTORY . Your every post is treat to read and very informative. For me I need to grasp these points very well in my life. Thanks!

    1. Hello Purva, please forgive my late reply; I have just found your comment in my spam folder.. Uggggg…
      Indeed, Dear Heart, it is a treat for us to witness your grasp of ‘life’; you are in for many surprises.
      Many Blessings to you, Dear One

  2. So, as I soften and my fear and loathing is reduced, my Light Working partner in the negative will have fewer and fewer prompts from me. Less prompts mean less of their negative behavior will engage. Thereby, as I am achieving Love and Perfection, so is my partner.

  3. Our dearest is beaming from ear to ear; as the saying goes, Dear Heart. You are ‘on the money’; is her expression!
    Yes, indeed, Dear One; you have the gist of the game in your capable hands. You now are ‘in control’; the dice are yours!
    Were we to offer any advice it would be to render more ‘silence’. This may cause the Light Worker of the Negative to meander into frustration, which may cause bullying. However, Dear One; this now will be less and less a problem for you as you withdraw from many situations once engaged within.
    Many Blessings, Dear One; victory is now possible for two

    1. Yes indeed, Dear Heart; the message has been received.
      Now we remind you to be steadfast; the ordeal is not over, but, its back is broken.
      Remaining calm is a virtue that will assist in your victory, Dear Heart. We place this assistance at your feet. Yes, Dear One; ask for the assistance to remain calm, and it will be given.
      Many Blessings, Dear One, Many Blessings.

  4. Very interesting Carolyn, as I say to my students when they may say ‘I hate him/her or it’
    Him/her or it cant hear you your stress is not affecting them only you. Great post with lots of valid of points. 😉

    1. How I wish I’d had a teacher such as you when I was at school. You remind me of my daughter who often tells me of the ‘pearls’ she passes on to her pre-schoolers ~ gems that will, should they take them to heart ~ hold them in good stead during the tougher times.
      So good to see you here!

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