Positive and Negative Light Workers Working in Tandem (5) A New Life

Listen while you read 

Here we are again, dearest, at the keyboard, indeed. And what shall we speak about? Oh yes; perhaps we could speak about the new life you will be living. Shall we?

Yes, please do.

Right, dearest, we shall. The new life – this sounds as if there are two lives. Does it not? One before the latest realisation; and one after. And this is true, dearest. The life that lies before you bears little resemblance to that which was before. This is as the result of many changes for you dearest. Yes?

Yes, this is indeed the case.

And what was before? Before the current realisations, your life, dearest, was one of duty, responsibility and honour. However, dearest, these were not duty, responsibility and honouring yourself. No, dearest. These were favours you bestowed upon all and sundry; leaving little appreciation for yourself. Would this be a true statement?

Yes it would. I certainly put everyone before myself. I may not have thought that, at the time; though, it is true. I was living life for others.

Yes indeed, dearest; this we know was true for you. And now?

Now I am finding myself doing things but without the thought of someone else on my mind. I’m now realising that there was very little time, if any, when I didn’t have someone else’s needs or desires on my mind.

Once again, dearest. And now?

I am relaxed. I’m doing things with myself in mind. That is; I’m beginning to appreciate that ‘I’ have a life, and I want to live it. I want now to do those things that I’ve denied myself. I don’t want the desires of others to be those things I do. I would have to say; I’m beginning to see my life as something to be enjoyed and not to be endured; as I have often thought.

It is exciting, dearest?

Yes, it is somewhat exciting. Only yesterday I mentioned to my daughter, Veronica, that I felt like a young schoolgirl about to leave and enter the wider world. I felt excited, a little nervous and a lot naive about many things; one of those things being the unfamiliar feeling of placing myself first.

And are you enjoying yourself?

Yes; though I do know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is still ‘work’ to be done with my partner of the Negative. We, as a team, are changing for the better; however, I believe this will take a little time for it to become the norm for us.

In what sense, dearest?

There is far less meanness and control on his part. However, occasionally he criticises or complains.

And how do you handle this?

You advised for me to use humour, though, you did say that there were varying ways to circumvent these energies. One of the ways you mentioned was to go to the ‘dream’ I now know is to become my future. This most certainly has the effect of transporting me to a place all my own, so to speak. I am quite surprised to find I am totally encapsulated in a very sweet energy; one that seems to obliterate the sense of being in company.

Being in company, dearest?

Yes. When I’ve returned, so to speak, from my reverie I realise I have not been cognisant of being with my partner for that period of time. The mood has changed, during my so-called absence, and it is as if the meanness hadn’t occurred.

You have not been affected, dearest?

Yes, that is precisely the effect.

Good, dearest; this is good. We shall leave this here for now.

Continued – 6

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I have arrived at that point, these words said it all, “There is far less meanness and control on his part. However, occasionally he criticises or complains”.
    I have three words I think in my mind, “I am free”. It works, I feel as if I’m in a new world and all the nasty words are washed away.

    1. As do I, Elsie. It is just as you’ve written.
      I am free!
      Sending lots and lots of Love…
      Well done, Dear Heart. We suggest now to bear in mind how this has been achieved. Yes, Dear One, it has been achieved because you have wanted it. Depending upon the degree of ‘want’ will determine the success, or otherwise, of any venture.
      Many Blessings to you, Dear Heart. We rejoice with you.

  2. Well, I do my Art Gowns for me. Which is why I don’t sell them or do custom bridal or other gowns. As soon as it’s for someone else, and money is involved the joy can get sucked out.
    Yet, I love dedicating them, or doing collaboration posts with other creative bloggers.
    However, I still need to earn some money. Those times are definitely for doing what others want. Only the paycheck is mine.
    Street Art collecting is a joy, and truly a healthy hobby I love. (all that walking sure keeps me in reasonable shape.)
    So, this is my long winded way of saying that I am part way there.

    1. Indeed, Dear One; though, we shall tell you now; you will be changing vastly over the coming days. Would it surprise you to find yourself engaged in making creations for others? Yes indeed, Dear Heart; there be many for whom you will sew your creations.
      You, like all, Dear One, need money. Oh yes, Dear Heart, this is a necessity whilst within the fantasy. Without money your experience is limited. With funds, your experiences become manifold and with much pleasure.
      To date, Dear Heart, you have not managed your financial affairs as well as you could. We will rejoice with you, Dear Heart, when you acquire your first ‘substantial’ commission.
      Our dearest is reminding us of all the promotion you do for others. A little of this, directed to yourself, Dear Heart, is what is required.
      Many Blessings to you, Dear One

  3. Hey Resa…
    Thank You for this; however, I’m being inspired to delete the comment after you’ve read it.
    The C.C. suggest there will be many who will purport to be ‘many things’ (this is arranged and inevitable). I did take a look at the facebook profile, etc. And yes, there is no substance, but a lot of sweet images… 🙂

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