An Awakening

An Awakening    (Listen while you read)

It has come to my attention, these past few days that I perceive everything as either good, or bad.

This has become evident to me since the post Perfection was written. Since that time I have been watching myself very closely to see how much of this really pertained to me. Low and behold; I have found (much to my chagrin) this pertains to me in the matter of life itself.

“Oh,” I have uttered at almost every turn of event; for I have discovered, deep within me (almost hiding) is a value of good or bad.

Not everything is bad however; for it has also become apparent to me that I can change this state of mind.

Do you ask how? If you do, I shall tell you.

I have desired to be without this limitation. I have asked my higher self to remove this limitation. I have wanted to be without this value of good or bad so much it almost hurt. Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration – though, maybe not…..!

The outcome has been wonderful. I have been freed from the limitation of my perceptions in those areas. How freeing. I appear now to have an ‘open mindedness’ about those particular concerns, whereas I was most certainly bound by my perceptions.

Carolyn Page


    1. So much better to remain the ‘observer’, Louise, allowing those things we know to be unsociable/evil/menacing/disturbing, etc., to not affect us emotionally. So too the energies that we perceive to be good (which I have found a little harder to negotiate (to remain the observer)). There is certainly a greater sense of stability when one allows all things; seeing them clearly, yet remaining unaffected. As I mentioned in the post: I now have a greater ‘open mindedness’. That is; I can see more clearly without being affected…

    1. Indeed, Joe. It really is self harming to allow ourselves to be affected by those things over which we have no control. Harmful energies exist. To see them clearly yet remain the observer allows a greater mental clarity (to say nothing of the benefit to our emotional bodies which are then free from the debilitating effects). As I mentioned to Louise; I have found it a little harder to remain the observer to those things I have perceived as good. It has been quite a journey (the past few days) to watch my little dogs and remain the observer (they are so cute). Yet, surprisingly by remaining the observer I have enjoyed them no less, and remained more stable within. This ‘open-mindedness’ of which I speak is quite liberating.

    1. Thank You, Don.
      Little did I know that our perceptions of good and bad, right and wrong could influence our bodies, minds (both emotional and mental) to the degree of discovery of the past few days.
      Remaining the ‘observer’ has highlighted how much we are influenced by our surrounds. To not be affected (yet clearly see those things we consider harmful) allows a greater ‘open-mindedness’. This is not to say that we agree to the energies of harm – the so called evil that exists. More that we do not allow those energies to invade us; creating harm within us. As I mentioned above; I have found it a little more difficult to remain the observer when viewing/experiencing those things we perceive as ‘good’; and yet I am more still within; there is a sense of greater calm and a greater sense of appreciation – a higher sense of joy which is real and solid.

  1. I used to perceive limitations as bad lines, or good intentions that held me back or that I couldn’t cross over, beyond.. Then someone told me that my limitations were my perception. That was a freeing moment.
    I think I might be in the ballpark of understanding what you are saying?

    1. Those things that any writing evoke within us are those things close and dear to us. My dear Resa; you have hit upon yet another aspect of how we can be limited by our perceptions. This is the ‘open-mindedness’ of which I speak in the post (though not as clearly as I had hoped). The realization of limitation we can create by our perceptions is quite surprising; to say the least. Thank goodness for the suggestion given to you. You are certainly one who boldly crosses over, and beyond.

  2. Isn’t it liberating to be freed from these preconceived thoughts? Many years ago I decided to look at all viewpoints before labeling something good or bad. I am not always successful but try to go back and focus on this when I find myself making snap judgments.

  3. I could go on for a very long time about this, but I’m not sure this is the place, so let me first say, it’s good to see you, Carolyn! 🙂 …and then I’ll try not to be too long-winded.

    We are taught to think this way from our earliest formative years. Most of us are so young when we first build our right-vs-wrong belief structure we have absolutely no memory of it at all. My earliest physical memory is of Mama being very upset and asking if someone had had their hands inside my diaper and feeling shame I could not communicate. So it starts young.

    I was thirteen when I first picked up the Bible and noticed that the very first moral lesson it tries to teach is that this burden – the knowledge of good and evil – was never meant to be ours. That’s one confusing book, but the one thing that remained clear to me from the beginning to the end of it, was that no one in it had the common sense to “put the apple back.” I seriously thought when I came up with that awesome catch phrase it would make me famous someday, and more than fifteen years later… not so much.

    Why? We don’t want to put the apple back. It’s not in our nature. What’s in our nature is to struggle under the weight of guilt, and as the Bible also illustrates, the Great Magnanimous Gesture is to carry someone else’ guilt along with our own!

    So congratulations from me to you on putting your apple back! If nothing else, you’ve made me ridiculously happy just now, and I hope your freedom lasts and lasts!

    1. And good to see you, Anne…it’s been a while.. 😉

      Anne, I have a confession.! Being a medium (who converses with spirit) I have a view that is not conventional. Since 2005 I have been given information that we (humans) are here having an experience to defray the state of boredom otherwise endured by our perfection as spirit. This was a great shock to me, at the time; I’d been given instruction in spiritual circles that we were here primarily to advance ourselves as souls. Further to this; we are here as a human with the added burden of a brain (capable of much mischief). I’ll endeavour to encapsulate this quickly….

      Our past ‘play’ as humans was to create as much mischief as possible; and have been very successful in this. However; we, as spirit, have decided upon a new ‘play’; one of playing consciously, with ‘perfection’ as our goal… i.e., to become as we are – perfect. This requires becoming conscious; acquiring command over the brain (our mind) and allowing the rightful commander (our soul, or consciousness) to direct our days. Phew – I know from my endeavours this is not an easy task.

      I love your analogy of the apple; you should be famous…! 😉

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