Perfection   (Listen while you read)

I ask myself: “How can one achieve perfection?”

The answer is simple, my dear. To achieve perfection one must have, as one’s greatest desire:  To achieve what many believe is impossible.

When your conviction is that great, your desires will begin to be evidenced in your behaviour.

I ask myself: “What is perfection?”

Perfection, my dear, is anything other than boredom.

“And what is boredom?”

Why boredom, my dear one, is anything other than perfection.

“Is perfection a state of happiness?”

That would be to diminish it, dear heart.

“Diminish it?”

Indeed, dear heart, diminish it. Perfection is a state of consciousness whereby all is known, all is embraced.

“All is known, all is embraced?”

Yes, dear heart. We become perfect when we can clearly see the good, and the not so good as equal. That is, dear heart; to not be altered by either those things we perceive to be good, or those things we perceive to be bad.

“Remaining untouched?”

Indeed, dear heart; untouched by the emotions of right and wrong, good and bad. Remaining the observer, dearest one; remaining unaffected.

“And how do we obtain this state of being unaffected?”

Trial and error, dear heart; trial and error.

“Hard work!”

Indeed, dearest; hard work to be sure.

Carolyn Page


    1. Hi Joe; good to see you. 😉
      Yes, I think I’m back; seems like I have a few things to say and ponder.
      Life’s like that; you never know what’s around the next corner… 🙂

    1. Hahar, Louise… It’s a perfectly perfect morning indeed… 🙂
      The rain is falling; it’s cool and frosty; I’m snug and warm…
      Aaaar, perfect indeed.. 😉

  1. Personally Carolyn I don’t like the word perfection. For me perfection is more of a sense of wholeness and wholeness will always incorporate our flaws as well. Strange, there is even beauty in that which is flawed. 🙂

    1. Indeed there is, Don… some of the ‘so called’ ugly and strange critters on earth are also (to me) the most beautiful – I take your point. Some of the strangest idiosyncrasies can also be the most lovable and sweet. What I am referring to here is more those things that offend our sensitivities; those things that cause us sorrow or grief; those things that rattle us, and make life less enjoyable…
      I don’t really think we differ too much, Don.. just our use of words.. 😉

    1. From one small step for man, to a giant leap for mankind; I say ‘hear hear’ – Resa is perfectly imperfect…. and if Resa is imperfect, we all have hope…! 😉

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