Perfection 2

Perfection 2    (Listen while you read) 

I ask myself:  “Is there joy in perfection?”

Indeed, dear heart; there is joy and bounty, purity and love. What is it that makes you question, dear one?

“I was afraid that if perfection means those things that are so-called good, and those things that are so-called bad are to be seen as equal; well, it gives the impression that there can be no joy!”

Indeed, dear heart; we understand your dilemma. And no, dear heart; have no fear for a lack of joy. Indeed, dearest; joy is a simple evaluation of that which is on offer, when one acquires perfection.

“Are you saying that there is something greater than joy?”

This is precisely what we are saying, dearest.

“Can you tell me what it is?”

Yes, dear one; we could tell you what it is. However, dear heart; we would hope that you shall discover for yourself the energies beyond joy.

“Yes, I appreciate what you say. I shall endeavour to discover for myself. Thank You.”

Carolyn Page


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