An Awakening 2

An Awakening 2    (Listen while you read)

I ask myself: “What is ‘perception’.”

Yet another fallacy perpetrated upon humans, dear heart.

“A fallacy?”

Indeed, dear heart; a fallacy, a myth, an unknowingness.

“A falsehood?”

Indeed, dear one; a falsehood derived from within man’s mind.

“I have discovered the harm of my perceptions of late.”

We know, dearest. You have been freed from some.

“Yes, indeed I have.”

Do you feel differently, dear heart?

“Indeed, I do. I have come to appreciate the mind of man creates from fear and unknowingness (as you said). It, the mind, tends to be controlled by the imagination. It is tinged with a little wisdom; however, more often than not it is influenced by the negative and not by the positive.”

Indeed, dearest; this is does. Have you never considered this before?

“Yes, I have. However, it has only been the past few days, as I’ve consciously watched the workings of my mind, that I now see more clearly how insidiously these thoughts and pictures, conjured by the mind, infiltrate so subtly and ceaselessly.”

Indeed, dear heart; it is only by a conscious effort one can become familiar with one’s nature.

“Thank You. Yes, I agree absolutely. It has been a wonderful exercise; one I intend to commit to.”

© Carolyn Page 2014 – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. We were free to to feel honest feelings when we were babies. We explored without fear, without judgment. It was the adults that guided us that took this freedom of thought from us and we judge. I’ve been pondering these thoughts. It’s the thought of my recent poem ‘Mud Washes Off’

    1. I take your point, Kim regarding our ‘programming’.. It certainly takes a ‘conscious’ effort to release the familiar (and subconscious) thoughts. They are so ‘second-nature’ to us…!

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