Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

Music of the Night

This month Dolly asked Phil to host the Music Passion


The result:  Phil said:

“No restrictions on genres or decades – if it has “Night” in the Title, it’s good to go.”

Phil, here’s my contribution to your theme…

Please Enjoy

Michael Crawford at his best…   😀


For all the info needed to join in this month’s

Music Passion…! 

Go to

Dolly’s Music Passion






  1. Wonderful song and magnificently sung. The lyrics are just pure poetry and spirituality. Thank you Carolyn.

    1. I was just listening to it myself, Don; for about the tenth time…! 😉
      Yes, I couldn’t agree more… as you said…
      “The lyrics are just pure poetry and spirituality.”

    1. It is, I agree sweet one…!
      Michael was the original Phantom in the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera stage play. I love his rendition of this song. He’s definitely my favourite Phantom… 🙂

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