Thought for Today

What do you need to ponder for to-day? Sometimes we need a little help to understand what is happening in our lives. Click on one of the 26 Animals below to take you to the animal reflection that may hold a key for you this day. 

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 1.  Alpaca

Alpaca   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: MarclSchauer/
Image Credit: MarclSchauer/

Gee, not such a long way to go!

Bet you thought there’d be more to us than that; huh?

 No, we’re pretty ordinary folk who just want peace and quiet.

Yeah, just peace and quiet.

(I’m also a little lethargic, yeah. I don’t really want to do much, nope. I’d rather just sit here and let the world go by. Yep, that’s right. I’d rather just sit here and allow you to do as you want to do. Yep, that’s right. I don’t want to do anything ‘cause I’m kinda happy doin’ what I’m doin’. Yeah, that’s right.

Not all of us are ‘go-getters’ you know. Nope, not all of us. Some of us just want to cozy our way through life. Yep, that’s true. Yep, not all of us have to be out there shootin’ the breeze and winning our way through life. Nope, that’s right. Some of us have to stay still and make way for you to do as you want to do. Yep, that’s right. Be no good if all of us wanted to be winners. Yep. I don’t need to be a winner, as such. Different kinds of winners you know. Your kind of winner needs to be ‘out there’ winning every conversation, every argument, every moment of every day you’re out there competin’. Yep, that’s right. I don’t need that, you see. Nope, I don’t need that.

Guess I’ll just mosey on over there and see what the grass is like there; may find me some more good stuff to eat!  That’s what entertains me, you see. The simple things are the things I like. Yep, that’s right.)

2. Anteater

Anteater   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Stephen N Haynes/
Image Credit: Stephen N Haynes/

Well, well, well; so you think that life is easy? Well, well, well; no, it is not for the feint hearted. Needs courage to get through; yeah courage, and a lot of good luck!

A time to be healthy, dear heart! Healthy means:

In good temper, both physically and mentally.

We see you a little unhealthy at this present moment.

We ask that you allow health to prevail. See your current situation as bringing either health or un-health to you.

Courage, dear one; courage, and a good deal of luck are what will bring rewards.

(Never mind what anyone says; you can do it. And do it you will. However, we can see the toll that it is taking, indeed we can. Persistence is indeed a grand quality to have, we certainly agree with this quality in abundance. However, there comes a point when persistence can become a stubborn trait; and indeed, this is what your life is becoming, dear friend: A persistent stubbornness!

Now that we have told you the down-side, let us tell you the up-side.

Hold on to your adventure, dear friend, as a raft in a sea of turmoil. This raft is definitely your saving grace. However, and there is an however, dear friend. Do not hold on so tightly that the circulation is prevented from flowing the life giving force around your body. No, dear friend, this will suffocate you in time. What we would like to suggest, dear friend, is that you let go of the reins a little; at least to the point where the stresses of the too tightly held reins can be released to the degree that allows for better circulation; if you get the drift.

An idea of monumental proportions cannot be dealt with satisfactorily if you are misguiding your chemical make-up into freeze. No, dear friend, this will cause a cessation of the circulation resulting in a state of no go….

A timely warning, dear one, to take a look at the body, mind, and spirit. They are all within your care. Are they not?

3. Antelope

Antelope   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Johan Swanepoe/
Image Credit: Johan Swanepoel/

A hop, step, and a jump away from having it, dear heart. Yes  indeed. It is ‘almost’ yours. Be patient. That’s right. Patience. Do we need to say more? Patience is indeed a virtue.

(I want it now, thank you very much. No, I do not want to wait. I want what I want, and I want it now.

How many times have we said this to ourselves throughout our lives? I was one of those impatient souls. I found waiting for anything such a hardship. I wanted instant gratification; thank you very much. It took many years to overcome this. I certainly tried very hard to ignore all common sense. Indeed if anyone was to try to give me advice I would listen politely, and then ignore their words. Oh yes; impatience was indeed one of my constant companions.

I have been advised, during my conversations with The Collective Consciousness, that those things that trouble us can become our greatest assets; given time and a good deal of work. I believe that today I am one of the most patient people I know.

 I am aware of others; they spring to mind as I write.

One who comes to mind had a problem with being consistent. She would have wonderful intentions for a day or two, then the old thoughts would return and back she would slide. Today, I am very pleased to say, she is overcoming this preponderance within her mindset, and is experiencing the stability that consistency can bring.

Another has had many concerns regarding endurance. She too has accepted this as her main downfall, and is making a conscious effort to maintain a sense of endurance throughout those areas of her life where she once would have failed to endure.

We all have our various concerns whether it be impatience, inconsistency, a lack of staying power, stubbornness; the list is endless. However, with a little self knowledge we can turn those deficits into assets.)

 4. Ape

Ape  (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Kletr/
Image Credit: Kletr/

Chicken feed; hen’s teeth and chicken feed. What’s this you’re giving me?  Don’t you know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong? Don’t give me chicken feed.

Sometimes we allow others to say and do those things that can bring harm. Sometimes there is a need to tell others that this just won’t do.  A time to ‘speak up’.

(Yes indeedee, there comes a time when being quiet just does not make the world go round. Yes indeedee. Sometimes, I say sometimes we need to take that bull by its horns and swing it in whatever direction is necessary to get our words out into the open.

And this is what the Ape personality tells us to do:

Quietly if necessary, or as loudly as needs be we need to ensure that our words do not get stuck in our throats. For if they do they will cause us such pain and heartache; as indeed they must.

Our words are the outer manifestation of what lies within. Can others know our thoughts? Can others guess our thoughts? Well sometimes indeed this can happen. However, for the most part our thoughts can only be known by expressing them. And what is wrong with expressing our thoughts? Why nothing is wrong with expressing our thoughts, providing we ensure that we are expressing our thoughts with the intention of letting others know how ‘we’ feel.

Many have a difficulty in doing this. Do they not? Indeed, some have a great difficulty expressing their innermost thoughts because they fear. And what do they fear? Many things do they fear. They fear rejection; they fear loneliness; they fear hostility; they fear mockery, embarrassment. They fear many things that may not be quite as obvious as we may think.

And so; may we say to those of you who have words stuck in your throats. Do allow the words the freedom to exist. Is this not what you would like? Wouldn’t this make you feel more comfortable knowing that others understand you better? Indeed, we think that speaking up is a wonderful, if not essential thing to do. Don’t you?)

5. Armadillo

Armadillo   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Heiko Kiera/
Image Credit: Heiko Kiera/

A need to protect oneself from the torments of life. Harden up !!

We all need, at times, to look at our ‘self-protection’. 

Do we need to adjust our outlook to accommodate the times? Certainly we do. We must not allow outside appearances to fool us into believing that all is well.

(There are moments in life when we can be fooled; these moments can bring us down, if we allow them to. We need to investigate these moments with thoughtful concentration. Are we missing something? Are we allowing ourselves to view the world with ‘rose coloured glasses’. Are we taking a simple situation, which is really black, and making it appear white?

Sometimes in life we can want to believe one thing when really there is another thing happening altogether. In other words, my friends, we can deceive ourselves because of a ‘want’ that we may have.

It is certainly the case, when we wish for something to be so, that we can ‘make it so’ within our minds. Do we not, at times, do this? Indeed some of us do this.

And what is the general outcome under these conditions? The general outcome, my dear friends, is that we lose sight of the reality of the situation which can, and does, bring us harm.

The Armadillo, therefore, is warning us not to allow ourselves to firstly; be deceived by outward appearances, and secondly; not to self-deceive. A timely warning, my friends.)

6. Badger

Badger   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Volodymyr Burdiak/
Image Credit: Volodymyr Burdiak/

Up in the morning off to work.

(The Dolly Parton song – Working nine to five.

Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawn and stretch and try to come to life
Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping
Out on the streets the traffic starts jumping
With folks like me on the job from nine to five


Working nine to five
What a way to make a living
Barely getting by
It’s all taking and no giving
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it )

Wow, what a heavy burden it is to have to do everything!

Life just isn’t fair.

(And that is how it will remain, my friend, if you don’t see to it that it doesn’t. Do you appreciate that you, and only you, have the power to provide yourself with a good future? That’s right, my friend; it is entirely your choice to either remain as you are, and not be satisfied, or allow yourself to dictate the reasons why you choose to have a good life, and then put those plans into action.

No-one, no, no-one can do this for you. Only you have the power to either provide for yourself a good and strong future, or not…)

7. Bat

Bat   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Jeff McGraw/
Image Credit:
Super Prin/

Correct position in life; this is what is required.

Often times we find ourselves in the wrong position, and need to investigate our ‘rightful’ position.

Do we ‘belong’ where we are? Do we need to take stock of what we are doing? Do we believe that with a little inner investigation we may find that things are not quite as they should be?

A time to ponder our position.

(Timely remembering lasts a lifetime; inappropriate happenings also last a lifetime. What is it that we wish for in our lives? Do we wish to do as we ought; or do we want to be ever questioning the choices that we have made?

This is what happens when we are not aware of the consequences of our thoughts and subsequent behaviour; we can become enmeshed in conditions that fail to bring calm, peace and contentment to us.

To avoid these unpleasantries we need to remember that we ought to place ourselves in conditions that will bring about good feelings for ourselves, and for others.

A timely remembrance indeed. Position, position, position, is not just for the real estate market. No, my friends; it is for those of us who wish to engage in life in a most useful, down to earth, solid fashion.)

8. Beaver

Beaver   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Robert Eastman/
Image Credit: Robert Eastman/

What! Lots to do!

You say we’ve got lots to do!

Yeah, that’s life.  

Yeah, that’s to be expected. 

Did you think that life was to be easy?


No, life is for working hard in whatever manner is right for you. 

(It’s all about priorities; yep, that’s right. It’s all about priorities.

So where are your priorities? That’s the question the beaver is asking of you. Where are your priorities? Once you can answer this question all of your troubles will vanish my friend. Where are your priorities? What is it that you want? Do you want to be forever second guessing yourself, or do you want to know what your priorities are?

Do you fear knowing what your priorities are? Are you concerned that once you appreciate what they are, that you will not be able to fulfill them?

Yes, my friend; life is one big priority after another. Once we fulfill one priority we will find another priority taking its place. That is right, my friend.

Do not be afraid to name your priorities;, no dear friend; this will allow you to practice tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance that indeed you have priorities; and acceptance of the fact that priorities are a normal condition of living.

Once you have accepted your priorities, named and fulfilled them, you will be satisfied, my friend. Without having achieved this personal goal you will remain inconsolable indeed.)


9. Camel

Camel (Dromedary)   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Konstantnin/
Image Credit: Konstantnin/

Straight shooter.

No nonsense son of a gun.

No deviations.

A straight course for me. (I have a goal and I will quietly achieve; for I have strength of conviction as my guide.)

Focus and power, forthrightness and diligence are what are required.

Waiting about for someone else to take a stand is not what is needed at this point in time.

(For those of us who are attracted to the Camel (Dromedary) a straight forward resolve is good. When confronted with a confusing set of values we tend to make straight for the life jacket of sanity in the form of ‘correctness’. Without a sense of purpose, diligence and calm those of us who appreciate the energies of this beastie will most certainly react with consternation equal to Mount Vesuvius, with the resulting eruption taking place within us. This does not bode well for our bodies, minds and behaviour. We can tend to ‘take it out’ on the nearest ‘anything’. Don’t get in the way of a Camel (Dromedary) type personality, for if you do you will find us ‘not so very cute’; if you know what I mean. No, my friends, stay well clear of a Camel (Dromedary) type if you know what’s good for you; he will take no quarter if his need for order is not taken seriously.

On a brighter note:  

The Camel (Dromedary) energy can also be a soothing, refreshing medicine when all about are losing their heads. The calm approach to life of this energy allows for much grace to be forthcoming under troublesome times.)


10. Capybara

Capybara   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: kerstiny/
Image Credit: kerstiny/

Hello there! My name is ‘Capybara’; and I have a tale to tell.

No, it’s not a long tale for I am succinct, you see. I thrive in order.

I enjoy pleasure.

I am likeable, loveable; it’s true. 

And this is what we say to you…  Order is the only way.

If we are not ordered in our comings and goings, then we shall have chaos; yes chaos. And this certainly won’t do.

 (And so, to begin our story:

Once upon a time there was a little Capybara. He was a very lonely Capybara; do you want to know why? Yes? Good, I’ll tell you why he was a lonely little Capybara. He was a lonely little Capybara because he didn’t have any friends.

And why didn’t he have any friends?

This little Capybara didn’t have any friends because he couldn’t be trusted.

Couldn’t be trusted? Why?

He couldn’t be trusted because he was always out of order.

Out of order! What do you mean by out of order?

 Out of order, means that he was not capable of order. Yes?

Well, yes I suppose that is so. But why didn’t he have any friends because he was out of order?

Friends, like all of us, thrive in order. Do we not?

Well, I thrive in order…. Yes, I like to know that there is order about me.

And why is this?

Well, it gives me a sense of knowing. Yes, it gives me a sense of knowing the ‘lie of the land’, so to speak. When there is order there is a stability about things. So yes, I like ‘order’ about me.

And if there is not order about you; how does this make you feel?

If there is not order about me I can feel a little disturbed. Yes, my mind can feel a little ‘out of sorts’; unsettled, you might say.

And would you want someone, who is not capable of order, to be your friend?

Well, I wouldn’t exclude them from my friend list; however, I probably wouldn’t want to spend as much time with them as I would with someone whose thinking is ordered.

Are you getting the drift? 

Yes, I think I am. Thank you for this understanding. I am feeling a little sad for those who don’t understand the value of ordered thinking. They may be missing out on so many ‘little’ things in life; and they won’t even appreciate why.)

11. Cow

Cow   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

How about a life, dear one? Have you got one? Are you doing the best with it?

These are questions which you need to answer for yourself.

Don’t think that others know best. No, dear heart; they do not.

You know, dear one; what is best for you.

Think. Think. Think. What, in your heart of hearts, do you really want?

That’s right.

What do You really want? Only you have that answer.

(You do not need to tell me, dear friend. No, it would be best to keep it to yourself. That’s right. Until you have it very clear within your own mind it would be best to keep it to yourself. Yes, that’s right.

Some of us make the mistake of telling others our innermost dreams only to have them trampled upon. Yes, this is what happens to some who share their innermost dreams. We do not want to see this happen to you, dear friend. No, we do not want to see your innermost dreams treated in this manner. So we say to you, dear friend:

Don’t let anyone trample upon your dreams. No, never ever allow anyone to trample upon your dreams. Keep them to yourself; that’s right. Keep them safe within your own mind until they have been formulated and going about their business becoming more and more a reality. Yes, dear friend, this is how to accomplish your innermost dream.

Now do you understand why it is that we must keep our own counsel in regard to our dream? Yes? No? We’ll tell you:

We need to keep our own counsel (so to speak) so as not to interfere in creating those things that we will need to create in order for our dream to become a reality. That’s right. Were we to let others know, before our dream has taken root, there would be a difficulty in the realisation of our dream due to the disturbance that the thoughts and opinions of others may place upon us. Indeed, we see this happening over and over again. Some, who do not keep their own counsel, are led astray by those offering irrelevant information. This can send you on a slow decline into negative thinking. This, dear friend, can be the beginning of the end for your dream.

Think carefully before setting sail, dear friend. Think upon the manner in which you would like for your dream to end, and then you will find how to begin. Indeed, it may sound like the wrong way to go about creating your dream. However, we can assure you that if you think upon the end, the beginning will become much clearer to you.

May you have as much fun with your dream as you can.)

12. Coyote

Coyote   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Jeff McGraw/
Image Credit: Jeff McGraw/

Around and around and around we go; where she stops, nobody knows.

Life’s a bit like that; around and around and around it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

So why are you worrying?  Stop worrying. 

It ‘will’ happen.

(Where she stops, nobody knows. Well, there may be some truth to this saying; however, we know that you have a plan. Don’t we? Yes, we know that you have a plan, and you would like it to happen now! Yes we do. Don’t we? We know that you have a plan (a very good plan) and you would like to see it come to fruition today, if not sooner!

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you, dear friend. It is not going to come true for some good time to come. However, you can be happy to know that it will come true, eventually. Yes, we understand that this is not what you have wanted to hear. Yes, we understand. We also understand that there are a myriad of things which will need to ‘come into place’ firstly, before your plan can have its way. Don’t you agree with that? Don’t you agree that you will need to make another plan before your ‘big’ plan can see its way into reality? Yes? Good; we know that you are understanding.

Now that we have a premise upon which to work you can see that it is going to take some time before your plan can ‘have its way’. However, we do not want to see you ‘give up’ on your plan. No, dear friend, that is not what we want to see. No, dear friend; hold onto your plan; put your smaller plan into action, and allow that which is rightfully yours to find its way to you, at the appropriate time.

In the meantime there are some things ‘within’ that need your care. And what is meant by ‘within’? What is meant by ‘within’, dear friend, are those things within your mind that need some adjustment. Yes, a little adjustment of attitude is required in order to meet the challenges that your plan will bring.

Think upon this a little and you will see that your plan requires a ‘shift’ in your thinking. When this, and many other smaller things are set in motion your plan will evolve into being…)

13. Deer

 Deer (General)   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Bruce MacQueen/
Image Credit: Bruce MacQueen/

I’m free; free as the wind. I see with eyes of love for I’m free; free as the wind.

I am love, and I see through the eyes of love.

So gentle and sweet is love.

So gentle and sweet are we.

If it is freedom that you want; you will need to attain it inwardly first.

Once you have done this, there will not be a need to ‘fly away’; for you will be safe within.

(And this is the magic of love; it gives one a freedom within. Do you want freedom within? Do you want to feel the warmth of your love upon your breast? Yes? We hope that this is what you want. Then my friend, there will not be the need to ‘fly away’. And what is meant by ‘fly away? What is meant, my friend, is that you will feel safe and secure within your self. There is no need to look for love ‘without’ when you have love ‘within’. That’s right. Love, engendered within, allows you to be present. That’s right. Love within allows you to be here; here where you are. That’s right.

We want you to have this love within, my dear friend, indeed we do. For when you have this love ‘within’, you will not need to go ‘without’. No, dear one, you will not need to look for love when you have love within.

And this is the freedom of which we speak; a freedom that keeps you here; where you are.

Love means freedom within.)

14. Dog

Dog (General)   (Listen while you read)  

Image Credit: Petr Jilek/
Image Credit: PetrJilek/

Ever true, Faithful, Loving, Loveable. 

A true servant;  humble and willing.

This is true for the dog family. However, are you going a little too far with your love?

Do you think that your love is being abused? 

Could you be overindulging your loved ones?

These questions need your concern at this moment in time.

We ask that you investigate how much you are giving to others, and see if perhaps, just perhaps, you  are giving too much!

(We can do this in life at times; give too much. We can overburden ourselves with the idea of giving away all of our love, all of our care. Do we not? Yes, indeed we do, at times.

We do not want to see you giving all of you away. No; that would not be a good thing, ’tis true. For when we give ourselves away; what do we have left? You need not answer this question; however, you do need to answer this one.

How much do you think we should give to others, and how much do you think we should keep for ourselves?

Now if you answered 50/50 you would be wrong, my dear friend. No, we need to keep 90% to ourselves. That’s right; 90% must remain with us. Does this surprise? Yes? Good; we thought it may surprise. We’ll tell you why it is best to keep 90% to yourself. Yes? Yes, good. We shall tell you why you need to keep 90% for yourself, and give only 10% away.

You need all of your care, dear friend; do you not? No? Are you saying that you do not need 90% for yourself? Well, if you think that, my dear friend, you shall not have 90% for yourself. And if you do not save 90% of yourself for yourself, you will be doing yourself an injustice.

Think upon this for a while. Look about you at those who lavish attention upon themselves. Now look about at those whose attention is primarily on themselves and 10% on others. Do they look happy to you, dear friend? Yes? No?

Keep this in mind as you go through your days. Be aware of those whose self attention is greater or lesser. Give this some time before you reach your conclusion. We would be most happy to hear the results, dear friend.)


15. Fish

Fish (General)   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Vilainecrevette/
Image Credit: Vilainecrevette/

How’s about going out and finding out what’s what?

Why sit at home wondering, when there’s so much to know; so much to do.

Yes, life can be difficult at times.

However, are we going to take the bull by the horns, or are we going to wither and die?

The choice is always ours.

(So what’s it to be; a life of fulfilment, or a life of hardship and want? That’s our choice.

Yeah sure; we can’t help what our parents have done or not done. We can’t help the looks that we were born with. We have no choice as to our financial upbringing. No these things are not within our control. However, when it comes to today and the choices that we make; they are ours.

Do we want to be subject to our upbringing forever? Do we want to allow our looks to control our destiny? Do we want to hang on to a poverty mindset? Do we want any of the unnecessary developments of mind that have hindered our past to hinder our future?

Yes? No? The choice is ours and ours alone.

Certainly we cannot change our past. We cannot change our looks. We cannot change anything without a great deal of thought, courage and strength to back us up.

Well, what is it to be? Remain the same, or change?

The choice is always ours.)

16. Fox

Fox   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Andrew Astbury/
Image Credit: Andrew Astbury/

So much to do, so much to see. Don’t stand still.

I see all that’s about me for a metre or two, then up I look to see what’s new.

Down again to the left; to the right; over the fence and turn to the right.

Did I hear something? Only just you!

Somewhere up there, is where I want to be; somewhere, somewhere; even there. No, there, there, there or there. Is this where I’m meant to be?

Nervous energy abounding at this point in time. Garner it in else it seize you with its electricity of misfortune. You would do well to sit awhile.

Stop thinking, thinking, thinking; and allow the lighter energies to have their way with you.

That’s right; allow the calmer energies to have their way.  When you do this you will begin to think more clearly, and with a brighter note!

(This is how we see you at this moment in time; a little scattered dear friend. Yes? Yes, this is how we see you, and how others see you. Were it not for a moment’s reflection you might, shall we say, take off like the wind. And we do not want to see this happen to you. No, we would prefer to see you calm and serene, indeed.

By allowing the calmer energies to have their way you will return to a brighter note! And what is meant by a brighter note? What is meant, dear friend, is that you shall return to a state of calm, yet with a lighter note. A lighter note that will allow you to see the situation before you more clearly.

From this lighter note you will begin to see what it is that you need to do to move, ever so slowly, forward to your goal.  That’s right. With a calmer, lighter note you will move forward more freely, with a greater intent, toward that which lies ahead.

All of our wishes go with you, dear friend.)

17. Giraffe

Giraffe   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: anky/
Image Credit: anky/

Whoops!  Got over that one.

Whoops! Got over that one, too.

Whoops! Here comes another one. Guess I’ll get over that one, too.

Life has a way of handing us situations and conditions that we feel we cannot cope with. This is compulsory.  No-one has an easy life.  No, no-one gets it easy.

It is not what comes around that bears us down; but how we deal with it. There is a wrong way and a right way. Know that you will find the right way to deal with this situation, and that you too will be able to say. 

“Phew; I got over that one, too!”

(No, life is not for the feint-hearted, that’s for sure. We all have our troubles, and yet it is those moments in life that we can use to fortify ourselves. Indeed, with each fortification comes greater strength to cope with future moments that require strength to get through.

Yes, my friends, will you not join with us in garnering strength to assail those moments in life that require it? Won’t you allow life to teach you to be strong?

If you answered yes, you will prevail; for, strength upon strength is what you will have.  At the end of the road lives a life well spent. A life fortified with inner strength.)


18. Hamster

Hamster   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: stock shot/
Image Credit: stock shot/

Hatred deep inside. Got to get it out. Don’t know why I feel hatred inside?

There is a need, dear heart, to investigate the inner working once again.

Why carry such pain around with you when it is soooo easy to let it go. That’s right. It is soooo easy to let it go.

Just ask us, dear heart; and we will assist in the removal of the pain that you carry within your mind. Just ask, dear one; and if you are sincere in your desire to be free, then so be it.

(Better you than me, right? Only kidding! No, I don’t want you to have any pain. Know how I got rid of mine? I asked; yep, that’s right. I asked; simple as that. Well, getting rid of all the pain wasn’t easy; yet it was simple.

How did I do it? Well, I asked The Collective Consciousness for help. Oh sure, I knew them for a while before I asked. Oh yeah, I learned to trust them first. Yeah sure, it took some years to trust them. I made them ‘put their money where their mouths were’ first, before I gave it a go. You see, I had a lot of rubbish to offload. Life had handed me a lot of rubbish to begin with and I didn’t enjoy carrying it all around. Heavy!

So what did I do? I’ll tell you. Once I got to know them (The C.C. that is) I was invited to hand over all of my woes to them, so to speak. It didn’t take long before I realised I was improving. And what do I mean by ‘improving’? Well, I started to be able to think upon my past without all the anger, the pain, the torment, the feelings of rejection; yes, I started to ‘let go’ of all the negative vibrations, you could say.

Yeah sure, I needed to do a lot of the work myself. I had to do 51% they said. 51% didn’t seem a bad thing to me. I only had to do 51% of the work and they would take away the rest; gratis. That didn’t seem such a bad agreement. So I agreed.

It started pretty much straight away. I found things, things that had been eating me up all of my life coming to the surface for me to have a look at; terrible things that had haunted me all of my life. If you’ve read any of my Spiritual Experiences you can understand the type of things that started to show themselves. I had so much anger inside me, my face could burst. I had so much rejection floating around my cells I wonder how I didn’t drown. I was a shipwreck, that’s for sure.

So I began the process in earnest. It took some years before I was free. I wasn’t a bad person; I was just a person with so much rubbish travelling along by my side, in my head, within my guts, I really don’t know how I managed to stay afloat. However, stay afloat I did and today I am so buoyant it even surprises me….

If you want to find out more you can go to The Game of Love & 51% page and start there. What have you got to lose if not a lot of excess baggage; and we all know the price we pay for that; right?)


19. Hedgehog

Hedgehog   (Listen while you read)

Image Credit: Zorandim/
Image Credit: Zorandim/

Day’s end. Can’t wait for day’s end.


Giving up, dear one? Are you going to give up on living a life that suits you?  It doesn’t have to suit any other person, dear heart; this is true. As long as it suits you.

Think upon this and see if what you want to do, and what others want for you to do, is one and the same. Then think upon the matter of:

Whose life are you living?

(Sometimes we do this, don’t we:  We live the life that others want us to live, which is not necessarily what we may want to do. And why do we do this? Sometimes we do this because we fear not doing this. Sometimes we may feel obligated. And what does obligation lead to? I’ll tell you, dear friend. Obligation leads to a life that we do not necessarily enjoy. It is that simple. Obligation can sometimes be a road to dismay. Indeed this can be true. And why do we feel obligated? Sometimes we can feel obligated when someone does us ‘a good turn’, so to speak. Indeed, when someone does us a good turn, we feel obligated. And what is a good turn? It can be as simple as giving us birth, or it can be as complicated as allowing us to use their material possessions. Indeed, it can be great or small.

Obligation is a ‘double edged sword’ that can lead to dismay. And so, what can we do when we feel obligated? We can think upon this to ensure that it doesn’t prove a double edged sword. We can investigate our feelings to ensure that we are not placing ourselves into a position which shall cause us dismay. For, if we do, are we not doing ourselves an injustice? Yes or no? This is the question that we must pose to ourselves whenever we feel an obligation.)


20. Hyena

Hyena   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Hannes Buys/
Image Credit: Hannes Buys/

I get bad press you know. Could it be my looks? Is there more to me than what one can see? Is there a deeper more personable character that no one knows; just me?

It’s true, I don’t care for silly games; for those things which the masses expect and desire. No, that’s not me. I just want to live my life as it suits me; not bothering anybody, unless they bother me.

 No, I just want to live my life as it suits me, and those I love. Is there something wrong with that?

(What causes me distress is when someone uses my outward appearance to proclaim that I am something that I am not. Yes, this distresses me. 

I am not what you see. I am not what you see and I am not disposed to show you the real me for; I do not need to excuse myself, or give you reasons why I am as I am. I am quite happy with myself, thank you very much; and do not require your approval. This is as it is and shall always be.)


21. Kudo

Kudo   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Neal Cooper/
Image Credit: Neal Cooper/

How are you? Never mind the rat race; it won’t go away!

Never mind the things that bother you; they won’t go away! 

Better to accept all things; don’t rebel, don’t object.

Better to remain at peace; at peace where you do best.


There are those times when all we need to do is to ‘accept’.

 It won’t mean sacrificing your integrity; it simply means allowing others to think and do as they see fit.

(Halleluiah brother; that means that if I let you live your life, you’ll let me live mine..!

No? What do you mean? You won’t let me live mine!  Well…. tough! That’s what I say. Tough! I don’t care what you say; I’m gonna live my life how I want to, and if you don’t care for that you can go and sit on a cactus, for all I care. That told him; yeah!  @#$??!@#@…

Seriously though; what does it matter? What does it matter what anyone else thinks? We’ll never all fully agree; that’s an impossibility. We may come close to agreeing; however, the reasons for the agreement will be based on similar, yet not the same reasons. There will always be slight variances of thought between us; based on the fact that our lives run similarly; however; not the same course.

The best that we can hope for is a tolerance and acceptance of our differences. This is all that is available to us. When we can accept these facts we can allow the differences, and even enjoy them.

And so, my friends; see your friends, your partner, your foes as different to yourself yet with complete knowledge that the difference can be the very fact that has allowed you their presence in your life. You may find, even with your foes, that the difference between you is not so very vast after all.)


22. Lion 

Lion   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Rob Hainer/
Image Credit: Rob Hainer/

Had a nasty thing happen yesterday; something; somewhere; somehow.

Heard a rumour; it wasn’t good. These things happen somehow.

Thought I knew what life was about; guess I’m not so smart.

Heard a nasty rumour yesterday.

(What’s in a name; a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. How true are these words? Indeed, they send a timely message. A message that each of us need to hear. And what is this message? It is a message of remembering. Of remembering who we are and what we are doing here. Is it not?

Firstly; what’s in a name? Everything; everything is in a name. Yours, mine, theirs; they all mean so much to us. And what happens when our names are sullied? Why, everything; everything happens when our names are sullied. Do they not? We feel gutted; we feel betrayed; we feel that we’d like to crawl away and hide. And why do we feel this way? We feel this way because our name means everything. Yes, everything.

Rumours are created when someone sullies our name. That’s right. Were it not for a name we would not feel the brunt of their vehemence, so to speak. If it were not for our name we might avoid the hurt and unjustness of the slant of tongue.

Yes, my friend, our name is everything.) 


23. Meerkat

Meerkat   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: EcoPrint/
Image Credit: EcoPrint/

Look about! Look about!  Look out, for there are predators about!

Yes, my friend, it is a time to look out, for there are those who do not have your best interest at heart.

You would be wise to refrain from action, at this point in time, and allow the dust to settle. When it has settled, in a day or two, you will see more clearly the action that needs to be taken.

(When in life we do anything, there are always going to be those who will agree, and those who will not agree. This is life as a human being; we cannot break this habit, for this is as we are, indeed.

We are all capable of agreeing and disagreeing. We will never totally agree with each and everyone. No, that is an impossibility. It is an impossibility because we all view our experiences from the vantage point of our own particular experiences. Simple enough….!

Having said that, it needs to be noted that to have agreement, albeit a wonderful idea in theory, is not a practical nor interesting approach to life and the wonders that life holds for each as an individual experiencing. No, it is a good thing that there is disagreement to a certain point. We all agree on that!?   (A little attempt at humour!!!) 😀

Having reached an agreement of sorts we would like to speak now upon the energy of the Meerkat. His energy represents, not the state of normal disagreement, but a state of utter cataclysmic disagreement.

 Beware the Meerkat when he is in this frame of mind, he will devour you indeed. We are speaking of an event to come, dear one. The meerkat will have his way in the not too distant future. Utter disagreement on all sides will be the case. There will be an abundance of disagreement; from the roots up, indeed it will. And what shall we do about this disagreement? Nothing. That’s right, nothing. We shall let all disagreement have its way, and do nothing. No, nothing. This is the way to handle disagreement. Do nothing… Let it pass…. Let it have its time, and then let it go to where all disagreement goes. And to where does disagreement go? Easy…… Disagreement goes nowhere. That’s right. It goes nowhere. Just like agreement, it is just an energy. Let it go. What does it matter? What good will it do to worry; to be concerned? No, let it go, and all will be well..)

24. Moose

Moose   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Wildnerdpi/
Image Credit: Wildnerdpi/

Hi there!.. ‘Just as cute as a moose’. A favourite saying of mine.

‘Just as cute as a moose’. It’s worth repeating don’t you think?

A need to think a little more ‘kindly’ about yourself. You are doing the best that can be done under the circumstances.

Yes, there is always room for a little self analysis; if it is of a positive vibe. However, to feel constantly self critical is another animal, so to speak.

Lighten up, and see the positives. 

(Well, well, my friend….. So you see the negatives a little more than the positive values; yes? Yes, many do that, don’t they? It’s easier to see the negative; it takes a little more energy to work our way through to the positives of any situation. It is easier to dwell on the negative and yet; is it? For to dwell on the negative leads only in one direction; backwards, yes that’s right. And do we want to go backwards? I think not.

However, to think about the positives, as has been said, takes a little more effort, to be sure. And why does it take more effort? I’ll tell you….. That’s right. It takes more energy to think positively because we, as humans, are geared to work from the negative. That’s right. We have been structurally geared to work from the negative. Yes, that’s right. We have been ‘geared’ to work from the negative from time immemorial; that is so.

We humans are geared to work from the negative because that is how we, as spirit, have ordained it.


Yes, we as spirit have disclosed this to you this day….

We, spirit, have organised this experience to be of the negative vibe; to date. That is; the majority of happenings within this experience (namely, the earth experience) has been created upon the premise of negativity.

This is so, my dear friends.

Many are beginning to understand this statement. However, for the purpose of this reflection we shall imagine that each and everyone reading, and or listening, will have reached the clarity necessary for this information to be understood.

We, as spirit, have created the earth experience to be one ‘mostly’ of negativity; until now. That is correct. Until now the premise for the earth experience (i.e., as a human experiencing) has been built upon the premise of ‘negativity’.

 And now?

Now this is going to change.

And to what shall it be changed?

It is to be changed to the experience of a ‘soul’ creating perfection. That is so.

Your soul is the rightful commander.

For those who insist on going with us and partaking of the new adventure, we say ‘welcome’; welcome to the new adventure that will become the norm for humans experiencing upon the earth experience.

We shall speak upon this matter more and more as we progress through the reflections.)

25. Otter

Otter   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Kletr/
Image Credit: Kletr/

Catch me if you can. Now you see me. Now you don’t.

There is a time for coming and going, for evolving, for resting; however, now is the time for quick movement away from the oncoming danger.

 Be as the otter and dart about with great agility in order to confuse your foe!

(Watch your back, my dear friend; some may not care for what you do…

This is a timely reminder, dear friend:

Don’t allow your good nature to cause you future distress. Yes, we all know that it would be wonderful should all within the world see as clearly as we see. However, dear one, that is just not the case. We must not close our eyes to the distressing aspects of our world. Granted, we need not partake of the energies of anger, jealousy; indeed vehemence in any of its forms. However, we do need to protect ourselves from those elements, lest we see our otherwise enjoyable state of mind deliberately abused.

We must put an end to our childishness. We must put away our toys. We must allow ourselves to grow-up, and see that all is not well in our world. As has been said:

We need not partake of the energies abounding in the, shall we say, negative vibration. Yes, let us call those energies ‘negative vibrations’. Indeed, we do not want to see those, whose experience this time upon earth is to visit with and enjoy the lighter vibrations, placing themselves in an energy that has no part to play in their experience. This (allowing oneself to enter vibrations not meant for one’s experience) will occur should the role player not allow himself/herself to appreciate the harmful effects upon themselves that could ensue, should they not be wise.

We hope that this proves valuable to you, dear friend. Better to see all with a balanced eye, than not to see and become one of the abused.)


26. Panda

Panda (Giant)   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Hung Chung Chih/
Image Credit: Hung Chung Chih/

I’m miserable, and then I’m happy. I’m miserable, and then I’m sad.  I’m miserable and sad. I’m sad and miserable.

Well, dear heart, what is it to be? Will you sit in doom and gloom, or will you allow the lighter energies to have their way? It is always a choice, dear one.

We hope that you choose a brighter note; however, as has been said, this is always a choice.

(Life isn’t always easy; this is true. For some of us life is easier, for others not so easy. However, we can adjust ourselves to the time and allow whatever conditions are surrounding us to prevail. This doesn’t mean having a defeatist attitude, and allowing ourselves to sink in the mire. No, we don’t want to do this any more than put our heads in a smouldering fire. And yet, for most of us, this is what we do; metaphorically speaking. We sit, or wrap ourselves up in blankets and allow the doom and gloom to cover us. Yes, this is indeed what some of us do. Then, when the cloud has passed, we jump back into life and begin again. Up, down, up, down.

There is a better way to handle life’s problems.

Being mindful that life is a series of ups and downs allows us to ‘accept’ that life is full of ups and downs. This attitude is hard to find; however, once found it brings a calming with it. Once we accept life, on its terms, we no longer need to hide from it. Yes, acceptance is the key (there are many more) however, the first key is acceptance that life has its ups, and its downs.

And so it is that when we find ourselves attracted to the magnificent Panda we may care to ask ourselves:  

Are we fighting and resisting life’s ups and downs, or are we accepting that there will be ups and downs?)

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Two gorgeous creatures, Resa.. Reflect away; and please let me know when these little fellows whisper something in your ear. They may take a while, but they will disclose themselves…! 😉

  1. Today I chose the panda. I chose it because it reflected how I felt today at work where everything was easy and it was a very good day. Recently, I saw a cute video of a panda bear rolling down a snowy bank at a zoo with not a care in a world, just playing, so I chose the panda. But if I were to pick another animal to reflect an animal at work, I’d choose a deer. The girls are work are in such a tight clique, they refuse to allow me to be included in anything and I feel so lonely and left out. One girl is especially sarcastic and disrespectful towards me (if only she knew I was much, much older than she is), but I remain classy and treat them nice. I don’t gossip about any of them to anyone, but I know they sit around and gossip about me. Oh well. Looking for something else…

    1. Hi Amanda, so nice to see you. I almost didn’t recognise your beautiful face. Your new image is stunning!
      So sorry to hear your work situation is not all sweet and loving. However, as the Panda Reflection asks of us – ‘Being mindful that life is a series of ups and downs allows us to ‘accept’ that life is full of ups and downs. This attitude is hard to find; however, once found it brings a calming with it. Once we accept life, on its terms, we no longer need to hide from it. Yes, acceptance is the key (there are many more) however, the first key is acceptance that life has its ups, and its downs.’
      Not at all easy, Amanda; yet learning not to be effected by the negativity of others is certainly a goal worth working towards – little by little…
      In the meantime, know that I think you are wonderful, and you are welcome in my space anytime… xoxoxo

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