Deer (General) Reflection

Deer (General) Reflection   (Listen while you read)  

shutterstock_148066625Deer400Bruce-MacQueenI’m free; free as the wind.  I see with eyes of love for I’m free; free as the wind.

I am love, and I see through the eyes of love. So gentle and sweet is love. So gentle and sweet are we.

If it is freedom that you want, you will need to attain it inwardly first.

Once you have done this, there will not be a need to ‘fly away’; for you will be safe within.

(And this is the magic of love; it gives one a freedom within. Do you want freedom within? Do you want to feel the warmth of your love upon your breast? Yes? We hope that this is what you want. Then my friend, there will not be the need to ‘fly away’. And what is meant by ‘fly away? What is meant, my friend, is that you will feel safe and secure within your self. There is no need to look for love ‘without’ when you have love ‘within’. That’s right. Love, engendered within, allows you to be present. That’s right. Love within allows you to be here; here where you are. That’s right.

We want you to have this love within, my dear friend, indeed we do. For, when you have this love ‘within’ you will not need to go ‘without’. No, dear one, you will not need to look for love when you have love within.

And this is the freedom of which we speak; a freedom that keeps you here; where you are.

Love means freedom within.)

© 2014 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Bruce MacQueen/


    1. Thank You, Kim… you are a treasure, to be sure…

      Daily prompt – And you did it so well; it was like looking into a mirror.. I truly did enjoy it. 🙂
      I do love ‘your voice’, though Kim. Reading your piece made me realise how wonderful it is to have so many ‘unique’ voices at our fingertips; yours being one I truly enjoy.
      Thank You once again for such a sweet form of flattery… 😉

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