Butterfly (General) Reflection

Butterfly (General) Reflection   (listen while you read)  

Be serene and know that I am with thee.

ButterfliesOrchids400Seqoyashutterstock_124491652(A bridge to our soul life. Indeed, this is what the beautiful butterfly represents. It is asking us to think upon our soul. It is asking us to ponder the soul. It is asking that we ‘take to heart’ the fact that we have a soul.

Many of us wander through life without hope. We clamber over rocks and issues within the moments of our day and forget that ‘close by’ is the salvation of the ages.

Yes, my friends, we fail to recognise the salvation of the ages.

And what is the salvation of the ages? Yes, that’s right. The salvation of the ages is our most precious gift; our soul. It is only when we have recognised this gift that all problems begin to cease. Indeed, this is true my friends. When the soul is recognised, all problems begin to cease.  Know that this is true. I know that this is true for this has been my experience. An experience so wonderful, so precious, so exhilarating as to bring such wonder into my life; the adventure is overwhelming.

An incredible adventure awaits all who recognise the soul. This self recognition is ‘available’ to all.

It is not for the feint-hearted. No, indeed it is not. It takes a multitude of energy, persistence, devotion, serenity, calm, intention (the list goes on) to make way in our ever fast paced lives to stop, sit, cogitate, muse, remember, allow; accept the inevitable glorious ability we have within ourselves.

Yes, my friends, the soul is awaiting recognition. Once recognised it will become obvious to us; the changes it will bring will become obvious to us. No more the obstinate; no more the weary of heart; no more the trying to escape.

Yes, the soul allows us to ‘wait’ upon ourselves; to ‘wait’ upon others. And what is this ‘wait’?

It is the essence of love; that it is. It is the essence of love engendered ‘within’ that allows us patience; tolerance; acceptance that indeed we are all different. Hallelujah; we are all different.  May each and everyone find the soul within.

The beautiful butterfly holds the key to our inmost. It is a beacon in an otherwise cloudy day; a light that we can shine upon dismal circumstances; the one to turn to when we are in need. A beginning; just a beginning. A beginning out of darkness into the light of day.)

© 2014 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Seqoya / Shutterstock.com


  1. This is insightful. Using the butterfly to convey this message was brilliant. After all the butterfly once lived another life. He once crawled now soars gently through the air.

  2. Inspiring Post! 🙂
    The Butterfly… the Soulfly,.. the Lovefly, … the Prettyfly, the Flutterfly, the Butterfly completes a circle.
    Carolyn, I just thought this, and am sending it before I don’t!
    I love the Butterfly reflection! xo

          1. Wow, my darling Carolyn!
            I will remember you with the next Butterfly I see.
            I’m likely to remember you with every Butterfly I see!
            Carolyn Butterfly is my Flutterby! ❤

    1. You are very welcome, my friend. Thank You for your wonderful comment; and, yes, I think of the soul whenever I see a butterfly.
      By the by; your images are truly beautiful.

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