Osprey Reflection

Osprey Reflection (Listen while you read) 

What’s a little argument amongst friends? What’s a little bonhomie? Indeed, these are two opposite poles my friend; and this is what the osprey asks of us.

Do we seek argument, or do we seek friendship?

Were you to have answered in the negative, my friend; this is precisely what you shall have.

Whatever is our desire will be that which becomes evident within our lives.

Do we seek argument, or do we seek friendship?

The little one (Carolyn) asked this of herself this day. Her response was in the positive; we are pleased to report. You see, the osprey asked these questions, for she was seeking an answer to an age old problem. And what was that ‘age old problem’? The age old problem was the problem of friend gathering. Yes, my friends; Carolyn (the little one) was seeking the answer to those who wish to befriend; and yet remain aloof, indeed.

“Is this friendship?” she asked. The response: To some this is friendship; for this is all they have to offer.

Did she wish to indulge within a friendship of this type? No, dear friends; she did not.

And why did she not wish to indulge in a friendship of this type? We’ll tell you.

Carolyn did not wish to indulge in such friendships as these, for, dear hearts; there is insufficient time in her days. That’s right; there is insufficient time in her days for such shallow indulgences, indeed.

And this we ask of you, dear heart.

Is it a ‘friendship’ you are seeking, or is it an idle want that you may have? Is it bonhomie, or is it argument? Only you can answer this question, dear heart.

Carolyn Page

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  1. Boundary setting, heart searching, reevaluating relationships… all so important! I have been pondering the very same things 🙂

    • All so important; to be sure…!
      I’ve been pondering the ‘on-line’ bonhomie of late. It seems the same questions/undertakings apply here too. There are many, such as you; genuine, with a desire to share yourself with the intention of friendship. However; there are those whose interests lie in ‘number gathering’, just as in our personal off-line circles. I’ve never been one for ‘friend collecting’, though I have been one for honest, healthy bonds of bonhomie.. 😉

  2. Bonhomie, Bonhomie!

    • Nothing more than I’d expect from you, David Kanigan.. 😉
      The saying ‘Salt of the Earth’ comes to mind…

  3. Perfectly reasoned out. We all have a choice. I prefer friends any day over argument. Nicely written Dear one.

    • Thank You, my sweet…
      Yes, you are right; everything comes down to ‘choice’..
      I’ve come to appreciate I don’t have the time to spend on anything other than those things that uplift me, and in so doing; uplift others… As you say.. Everything is a choice.. This choice is a very ‘freeing’ one! 😉

  4. Very well written Carolyn. 🙂

    • Thank You, Shalvika; long time no see… 😉
      It’s lovely to see your avatar again. Like me, you’ve been a little absent… Seems life has its way of sending us up and down, in and out, over and under…! haharrr.. Oh well; the best we can do is acquiesce and allow it (life) to show us the way… 🙂

      • 🙂
        I know.. It has been throwing me around a lot 😛
        I think I’ve finally come to terms with that 🙂 Hugs!!

  5. you know i will rather opt for relationship over argument any day, everyday- have you heard the song by micheal bolton, “How can we be lovers if we cant be friend, how can we make love if we cant make amends…” he says a lot about love! I always use the word “love” in its full sense, not as only the love between to lovers but the feeling itself. it can be for anyone or everyone.

    • Yes, Trisha, the song speaks volumes regarding love; to be sure…
      And yes, I understand what you say regarding love in its full sense. I’d say that’s soul love, from that part of us that envelopes all…


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