Ape (General) Reflection

Ape (General) Reflection  (Listen while you read) 

shutterstock_148806170Ape400KletrChicken feed; hen’s teeth and chicken feed. What’s this you’re giving me?

Don’t you know it’s wrong, wrong, wrong? Don’t give me chicken feed.

Sometimes we allow others to say and do those things that can bring harm. Sometimes there is a need to tell others that this just won’t do.  A time to ‘speak up’.

(Yes indeedee; there comes a time when being quiet just does not make the world go round. Yes indeedee; sometimes, I say sometimes we need to take that bull by its horns and swing it in whatever direction is necessary to get our words out into the open.

And this is what the Ape personality tells us to do.

Quietly if necessary, or as loudly as needs be we need to ensure that our words do not get stuck in our throats. For, if they do they will cause us such pain and heartache, as indeed they must. Our words are the outer manifestation of what lies within. Can others know our thoughts? Can others guess our thoughts? Well sometimes indeed this can happen. However; for the most part our thoughts can only be known by expressing them. And what is wrong with expressing our thoughts? Why nothing is wrong with expressing our thoughts, providing we ensure that we are expressing our thoughts with the intention of letting others know how ‘we’ feel.

Many have a difficulty in doing this, do they not? Indeed. Some have a great difficulty expressing their innermost thoughts because they fear. And what do they fear? Many things do they fear. They fear rejection; they fear loneliness; they fear hostility; they fear mockery, embarrassment. They fear many things that may not be quite as obvious as we may think.

And so, may we say to those of you who have words stuck in your throats; do allow the words the freedom to exist. Is this not what you would like? Wouldn’t this make you feel more comfortable knowing that others understand you better? Indeed, we think that speaking up is a wonderful, if not essential thing to do. Don’t you?)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Kletr/Shutterstock.com

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  1. Thanks for this Carolyn. Timely for me. Just this morning I spoke out. Thanks for the affirmation.

    • Wonderful, Don. I’ve been doing a bit of this myself. I’ve come to appreciate how debilitating it is not to.
      Here’s to progress..

  2. I always need to be reminded of this… too much of a people-pleasing peace-maker at times, if you know what I mean xx

  3. An ape is surely a bold animal and I think you have matched us humans to him nicely. Especially the alpha male who controls the whole family.

  4. Interesting …. I do need to speak up! Who do I need to speak out to? Me! Everyone else seems to hear me just fine. Well, it still requires taking the bull by the horns!
    Thank you, Carolyn! xoxoxo

    • I’m beginning to feel a little concerned for this bull. Oh, what the heck; let’s throw the little beggar about a bit. Doesn’t matter who we throw him at, as long as it’s just and needed, let’s do it – just remember to duck..!!! 😀

  5. Very interesting post, Carolyn.

  6. loved the character!


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