Jaguar Reflection

Jaguar Reflection   (Listen while you read) 

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia
Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

I’m sleepy! I’m relaxed! I haven’t much to say.

I like to rest for most of the day; allowing life to pass away.

I don’t miss much; for being ‘still’ enhances all.

(Oh yes, my friends, I like to be still. Being still allows all to be seen; all to be known. For, dear hearts, when we are still within and without, are we not ‘open’ to all about?

Are we not more keenly aware of those things ‘within’? Are we not more open to those things ‘without’?

Oh yes, my friends; we are indeed more open to all. And when we say ‘all’, dear hearts; we mean the comings and the goings of our thoughts, indeed.

Do we wish to be more aware of our thoughts, dear hearts? Or would we rather hide from them?

The choice is always ours. However, wouldn’t it be more wise to know our thoughts, then not to know our thoughts?

Some of us do this. We hide from our thoughts; indeed some do this. And why do we hide from our thoughts? We’ll tell you. Some hide from their thoughts, for not to hide can sometimes cause pain. Indeed; some hide from the pain of their thoughts.

Alas, this does not benefit those who hide; indeed not. The pain remains, dear hearts; indeed it does. The pain multiplies; indeed it does. The pain does damage within; indeed it does.

Wouldn’t it be better to feel the pain, dear hearts; to understand the pain; to love the pain; to validate the pain, dear ones? Indeed; this we suggest, dear hearts:

Allow the thoughts; some good, some not so good, to surface, indeed. Allow dear ones, the pain, the torment, the sadness, the grief. Only then, my dear friends, can we be free; indeed. Allow and release.

And to where does the pain, the grief, the sorrow go?

Nowhere, dear ones; it goes nowhere. It dissipates into the cosmos where it can no longer do harm.

We wish you all the best, dear heart, as you release the pain.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Way to go, Kathy. Fighting, or denying is so counterproductive.
      Feeling can be uncomfortable, at first; though, as I’m sure you know, the result is living in the present, objectively, and ultimately comfortably.
      Good for you…

    1. Indeed, Kim. It’s like gas or troubling wind inside – much better out than in..!
      Seriously though, these mental pains cause such harm to us. I love Kathy’s comment: Feel it, don’t fight it – Says it all really…!

  1. Carolyn, my dear….


    I was very happy to see your icon over at ECR, so I’m taking a moment to stop in here to say HELLO…. I don’t get a lot of chance to surf & read any more; getting my Pearl posted daily is about all I the comp time I can do, beyond the minimum… sometimes, answering comments is even hard… But, I am glad you are still around, and still posting Reflections… This one is definitely one with which I can relate, since pain is one of my most familiar companions… and what you said in the comment above is one of my favorite statements on the subject… “better out than in”, which can be applied to all sorts of things associated with age related issues, as I’m sure you are aware…

    Any who, I’m about to go give in to my companion’s demands, and take more wonderful drugs, so, I’ll see you later…. Thanks for stopping by, & letting me know you’re still around…. At my age, it’s a concern when I don’t hear from friends in a while, but, now I know you’re fine, I’ll be better…. See ya….

    gigoid, the dubious

    aka Ned


    1. And so good to hear from you, Ned. Like you I’m doing the best I can however; time is short, and life calls in other directions. Still, it’s great to hear you are ‘pearling’; can’t keep a good Ned down! 😎

      Yes, let it out lest it take up permanent residence..! 😀

  2. Super write up and good advice. Sorry – my posts are now infrequent for the time being due to the graduation of my daughter and her initial Fashion Show. Thanks for staying with me.

    1. Thanks so much, Joe; good to see you.
      I’ll look forward to a post regarding your daughter’s life changes and career pursuits, perhaps! I’m sure you are extremely proud, Joe…

    1. Thanks so much… Yes, it’s something that ‘pops up’ in my life and insists upon reflection. Mind you Tiny; I prefer it this way, else I end up overloaded with misery causing thoughts and feelings – the human condition, unfortunately.. Thank goodness though, we can do something about it..! 😉

  3. This was hard for me to read. You sure lured me in with that gorgeous jaguar, then really got me thinking! Love and hugs!

    1. That naughty Jaguar; I’ll have a word to him, on the side..! 😉
      Yes, Resa, we’ve all done this, at times – hidden from our thoughts. I’ve used this thought, at those times..
      “I’m going to love me, and accept my humanness as I allow myself to look within at those thoughts that are doing me harm. I’m going to sit with them, feel them, accept and love them; then allow them to be free.”
      A process that can take a little time however, with perseverance and the desire to be free, they will eventually find their way out, and you WILL be free.

  4. This reminds me of something I heard a while ago… Life catches up with us. What I don’t allow myself to feel “in the moment” will surely haunt me or surface somewhere along the road. Better to feel things as they arise, so they can be released… as you say ❤

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