Spiritual Insights – Day 15

Day 15 – A Journey of My Spiritual Experiences    (Listen while you read)

Meditation by John Everett Millais 1879
by John Everett Millais 1879

It had a sense of rightness when I accepted the fact that I was different. I had always known this; however, this was the beginning of the realisation that I was different in so many ways. I had always felt the ‘odd one out’. I generally differed in my opinions to others and wondered, for many years, if there was indeed something wrong with me.

I hadn’t realised, as a child, that others couldn’t ‘see’ as I saw. I didn’t appreciate they couldn’t see that he or she was ‘not of good intention’.

I can remember wondering why they thought Miss X was a lovely person when, in fact, her ulterior motive was to be cruel and hateful. I couldn’t understand why they thought Mr. X was wicked when, in fact, he was assertive and truthful. No, this wasn’t known to me until, after a number of years, I began to realise that others didn’t ‘see’ as I saw.

During my time in AA I began to know this again. This time though, I was clear headed, older, and more capable of objective thinking; something that had been a difficulty for me for so many years.

Yes, the meditative process was certainly the beginning of a new way of thinking and living. I wanted to share it, and share it I did.

There were so many experiences during this phase of my life that brought me such pleasure and excitement. My daughter also experienced this phase personally. She was there at every meditation group listening and learning and, I believe, loving every moment.

One evening she advised me she knew someone whose mother was having a great deal of trouble with her mind. She asked if she could be brought along to see if there was anything that could be done to help her. Naturally, I agreed.

There she sat, at the next meeting, very anxious and most definitely troubled. I had asked my guidance (at the time known to me as Soul Friend) if indeed I could help this woman and was given the understanding I could. He also informed me that she had, within her, a spirit of a relative who had passed some time before, and this spirit was causing her a good deal of distress.

We were given to attune to the woman. I began to shake quite involuntarily and a man’s voice spoke to me; he was the spirit spoken of.

We conversed for some time and I realised he had committed suicide and was afraid his actions would prove a difficulty for him in regard to a reunion with his friends and relatives.

I gently persuaded him that this indeed was not the case, and his friends and relatives were waiting for him to take their hands. After a good amount of time there was success. He left the woman, and I saw him (in my mind) walk toward his loved ones and move off gently with them.

The woman was obviously shocked by the revelations that were forthcoming. She had known who the spirit was (who had been living through her). She was also shocked because she didn’t want anyone to know that her relative had taken his life. However, we comforted her, and she left a much calmer woman.

The reason I have used this incident as an example is to show how powerful an illusion it is we are all experiencing. There are hundreds of incidences such as this that I could write about, and many could verify the stories with their own personal experiences. And yet, some 12 years later, The Collective Consciousness (the name by which I now know my guidance, The All) gave to me the understanding of this giant illusionary show we are all participating within. Once this information was given I no longer saw spirit, or talked to spirit (apart from The Collective Consciousness) because, as they advised, we are a consciousness only. The many belief structures we are able to enjoy are just parts of the fantasy we are currently enjoying.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. I have a question, do you mean you “saw” as in an “aura” around them? Just curious. 🙂 I guess I think it would be neat if you could explain more about this to me. (In email). The reason I ask is because, at times I DO believe, then at others I am skeptical. I think I told you this before. I worry tho about the “skeptic” part seeping thru when I don’t intend for it too and thereby offending you. I would never want to do that. You are a good friend, want it to stay that way, but, for my part, that includes ME asking you more about more than dancing alone. I don’t think you are one-dimensional, just so you know. Just not sure of how to ask. 🙂 So, decided, just to ask. 🙂

    1. No, I don’t mind, at all, you asking questions such as this… though I’d rather reply here so that others can read what I have to say too…. (Hope you don’t mind.) And, by the way, you could never offend me; only those who feel that they have ‘something to hide’ could be offended by genuine questions; so please, ask away…! 😉

      I used to see the auras around people (in the flesh) however; I would see spirit in various ways. Sometimes a ‘spirit face’ of a deceased relative would appear over the face of the person in front of me. I could then describe the relative, which would give evidence of ‘so called – afterlife’. Sometimes I would ‘see’ the deceased person as if ‘in a movie’ in my mind and sometimes they would appear as a wispy vision in front of me, and sometimes almost as real as I would see you standing in front of me…. It was always different..!

      One night, when at a friend’s home, I came out of the bathroom into a fairly dark hallway. Someone was coming toward me; I thought it was my friend so I put out my arms to embrace him. I realised that it wasn’t my friend, when they got very close to me, and I continued to walk up the hallway ‘through’ the vision that I thought was my friend. This sort of thing happened quite regularly and didn’t worry me at all; it was just a part of the experience that I was having… 😉

      You don’t need to believe though..! For instance; I haven’t seen so-called ‘aliens’ and yet I know, and have been in the company of people who say that they have seen aliens. They were just your average person; I don’t believe that they were ‘disturbed’ mentally; if you know what I mean. And yet they were just as convinced that they had seen aliens as I am convinced of my own experiences. I don’t disbelieve them (although it does seem rather fanciful to me) just as my experiences must seem fanciful to you… and rightly so..! It is very hard to believe something that you haven’t personally experienced; so please don’t think that it is necessary for you to believe. It’s not my intention to make believers of anyone; your experience is just as valid as mine and I enjoy reading about your life too. So please always ask me questions; I really enjoy your friendship and your honesty… 😉

      1. I don’t mind if you replied here, not at all! 🙂 I was just curious about the “auras”, if that is what you meant. I met someone, years ago, that said she could see them too. I have never seen a “ghost”, for lack of a better word. Although my mother and sister are sure they did. My mom was doing my sister’s hair in the bathroom and they both swore that a girl walked down the hallway. We did later find out that there had been a murder there. Another time my mother saw someone in her bedroom, she was never sure exactly what it was she saw, male or female, that kind of a thing. I think she just had more of an “impression” that someone was there.

        I like that you can see them in different ways, never thought of that, always just assumed you would see something in the same way all the time. If you saw someone over someone’s face, you would always see it like that.

        I do not know what I would do if I walked “through” someone tho. I have a feeling I would change into a believer in a heartbeat! 🙂

        I have never met anyone who has seen an alien either. My brother is a believer, but don’t think he has seen one. Actually, not sure he is a “believer” but he is more inclined to believe than I am. Don’t know why I am such a skeptic. Have no idea really. I, like you, believed they had seen an alien.

        Do other things happen to you too?

        I just didn’t want to offend, my skepticism was something I was afraid would put you off, when I don’t want to do that! 🙂

        Thank you for taking the time to answer too!

  2. You could never ‘put me off’; I know your intentions are good; you just want to ‘know’ more….. !

    Since 2005 though, when they told me that we are consciousnesses only, I stopped seeing ghosts (as you say) and could no longer speak with people’s departed loved ones… You see; they told me that ‘ghosts’ and aliens and angels, etc., etc., are just a part of the game that we’re playing; a game that will continue however, as more and more appreciate and accept this new reality of us being consciousness only then the old game of ghosts, etc., will slowly drift away; just as it has for me.

    Nowadays, all I get to do is hear The Collective Consciousness.! Sometimes it can be a dialogue similar to us talking together; sometimes I get impressions. In the early years, mid eighties to early nineties, spirit (as I understood it then) would plant a song in my mind. It would go around in my head and certain words would ‘stand out’ that had special meaning to someone or myself. I began to understand that there’s lots of ways that they can reach us, so to speak.

    When I do the reflections for animals (or reflections for people) I ‘attune’ (listen in) to the energies and I receive words, visions and understandings of their nature. I absolutely love doing the reflections. It’s hard to explain however; I’m lost in the energies that I’m attuning to. It’s like ‘becoming’ them. This reminds me of a period during the years that I meditated daily when I ‘became’ different animals. My favourite was the panther. I saw the panther and then I entered into it and it was a most exhilarating experience. We, the panther and I, were bounding over the landscape with tremendous strength…. Aaah memories…!!!

    So yes, today it’s a bit more serious for me however; I still really enjoy watching mediums doing their stuff and (although I can’t take that aspect seriously any more) I still get a great kick out of it and really enjoy the fact that many are experiencing those things that I’ve experienced; it’s a lot of fun…!

  3. Hello Carol, my experience however is the Out Of Body Experience “OBE”… I began experiencing this since I was 12 years old and every time that I will have this experience I was afraid that I could not go back to my body… but now that I am ready to explore this gift, I rarely have the OBE… ? I dream a lot of things though that there is really a powerful force, the ALL that IS.
    I do not experience what you are experiencing but I believe you. Part of me says that you are right when you said that we are just the consciousness… I have not seen Aliens too but I believe this too… I also believe in Miracles and Magic. I believe in Jesus too and God the Father.
    What is your reflections on me?
    hehehhe, I know I am full of curiosity and actually I am searching what is my mission in this world…
    I read a book that says that when the student is ready a teacher will come to guide you.
    How will I know if I am ready. Would you know something like this?
    Thanks Carol…
    Kisses to you 🙂

    1. Dolly hi; good to see you…! 😉

      OBE’s can be fun and a little scary at the same time. I used to have many flying dreams however now they are few and far between. I love the feeling of freedom that flying brings; soaring over the countryside and viewing things from above; they remind me of OBE’s but without the scary feeling. Not that all OBE’s have a scary side though I understand that you they can feel scary at times.

      I ‘listened in’ to your thinking and here are some of the thoughts that came to me from you….. 😉

      Dolly’s Reflection

      Reflections of a curious soul.

      I am at your mercy. I want to live a good life. I want everyone to be happy. I want joy and love and powerful energies of togetherness to bind us all. I want to live free. I want a world where happiness is a given and not something only for some. I want the world to be ruled by good and wise humans who have the best intentions for all. I want to be smart. I want everyone to know that there is ‘good’ everywhere. I don’t feel that I am doing enough. I haven’t got the ability to fulfill all of those things that I yearn to do. I don’t want to fail. I haven’t enough ‘whatever it takes’ to finish my life in the way that I want. I do want to know everything. I don’t want my life to be a failure. Have I got what it takes? I yearn for more. Please God, let me live a life that helps others. Please God, let me help them to see life in a ‘special’ way; the way that I see life.

      I have a yearning in my belly to do so much. I want to achieve beyond anything that anyone else has achieved. I want to be remembered for loving others. I want to be remembered for having a kind heart. I only want to do what is good and right. Please God, let me live a life that helps others. I am your servant. Use me as you want.

      My dear Dolly. You are a wonderful girl full of fun and hope. Don’t be concerned about not fulfilling your life mission; you are fulfilling your life mission right now. When you ‘accept’ yourself, as you are, and realise that you do not need to be more; then life will show you more.

      Hugs to you

      1. Wow Carol my dear sweet friend, you just read me, this is just the desire of my heart, I feel like crying when I read the reflection you just have for me like you read what’s within my soul…Thank you so much, I needed this for a long time. and these words are just so powerful “When you accept yourself as you are, and realize that you do not need to be more, then life will show you more”… and I accept myself as I am now… This is just so lovely! :))
        Hugs to you too!
        Dolly xoxo

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