Hyena Reflection

Hyena    (Listen while you read) 

shutterstock_77601559Hyena400Hannes BuysI get ‘bad press’ you know. Could it be my looks? Is there more to me than what one can see?

Is there a deeper more personable character that no one knows; just me?

It’s true, I don’t care for silly games; for those things which the masses expect and desire.

No, that’s not me. I just want to live my life as it suits me; not bothering anybody. Unless they bother me.

No, I just want to live my life as it suits me ,and those I love.

Is there something wrong with that?

(What causes me distress is when someone uses my outward appearance to proclaim that I am something that I am not. Yes, this distresses me.

I am not what you see. I am not what you see, and I am not disposed to show you the real me; for, I do not need to excuse myself, or give you reasons why I am as I am. I am quite happy with myself, thank you very much; and do not require your approval. This is as it is, and shall always be.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Hannes Buys/Shutterstock.com

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