Weimaraner Reflection

Weimaraner Reflection   (Listen while you read)

Hello all; nice to see you. Had a good day? Yes, the flowers are lovely, indeed. Have a great day. Bye for now. redleash

Image Credit:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:Langhaarweimaraner_Sta%C3%9Ffurt.jpg
Image Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/

(Indeed, the Weimaraner personality would have us believe in fairies. This it would. It would have us believe in all good things abiding within our world. However, dear friends, do not be deceived. Fairies and flowers are indeed wonderful treasures to behold. However, and this is where life gets tricky my friends – they are figments of our imaginations, indeed.

Some see fairies, indeed they do. All see flowers. However, what are they seeing but the production of future flowers, indeed.

The imagination allows us to see them as beauteous things that adorn our tables, our washrooms. However, my dear friends, we hasten to tell you: Would you cut the sexual organs from animals and display them in neat rows upon your desk? Yes? No? For that is precisely what you are doing, dear hearts. You are displaying something from your imagination which tells you it is a thing of beauty. Are you not?

And this is what the Weimaraner personality does, dear friends. It sees all things and chooses, via its imagination, to see the beauty, indeed. Is this a good thing, dear heart? Or is it not?

Were it to be a beauteous object which brought happiness, positivity and glad tidings; then this would be a good thing indeed. However (and this is where we find a lack in our Weimaraner personality). Were it to be an object of deceit; the Weimaraner personality may indeed be deceived. Better to see all as they are, dear friends, than to be deceived by our imagination.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk 

American Eskimo Dog Reflection

American Eskimo Dog or American/German Spitz 

(Listen while you read)


American Eskimo (Spitz)
American Eskimo (Spitz)

Lighten up, lighten up! The load’s never too heavy to bear.

We can do it, you and I.

You know what they say.

A load shared, is a load halved”.

Lighten up! Lighten up!

(You know we can do it when we band together…  Yes, matey; that’s right. A problem shared, is a problem halved.

And this is what the beautiful American Eskimo Dog teaches us this day. Share your woes, share your fears, share your joys, and share your love.

A wondrous energy has the American Eskimo Dog, indeed.

Do you share yourself with all your idiosyncrasies; with all your foibles; with all your daring; with all your ups and all your downs?

Yes, my friends; the American Eskimo Dog asks this of you this day. 

Allow that which is within to come outside to play, to cry, to laugh; to do whatever it needs to do.

This will always change.

A little sadness here, a little laughter there.

Indeed, ’tis a changing world in which we live, dear hearts.

Do we think we are any different? Yes? No?

Indeed not, my dear friends; we are no different…..!)

Carolyn  Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:American_Eskimo_Dog.jpg

Yorkshire Terrier Reflection

Yorkshire Terrier   (Listen while you read)  

YorkshireTerrierYulia_Nikulyasha_Nikitina400ShutterstockOh, how I would love to be strong, to see life through a strong heart;

  To be merry and gay and dally all day, singing and happy in song.

Oh, yes, my dear friends; to be strong and to see life through a strong heart. Wouldn’t we all like to be this way!

Alas, for some this is not possible. Many have not the capacity for such bravery.

Indeed, some sit by the roadside and watch. Others walk along the road, whilst some run.

Each to his own, as the saying goes. Each to his own, for one way does not suit all.

And this is what the Yorkshire Terrier personality needs to remember as it sits, walks and runs along the road.

Indeed, the road for the Yorkshire Terrier will have many a turn. One day sitting, one day walking, one day running; all quite natural and good for this personality type.

Yes, my friends, it is better to learn this lesson early, should you be attracted to this precious pooch.

Chapters change, and move with the time.

You would do well to apply this saying to yourself… 

“I am what I am; unlike any other”.

This will allow you to view the world in your way, remembering that ‘to each his own’ holds much sway.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Yulia_Nikulyasha_Nikitina / Shutterstock.com

Pekingese (Foo Dog) Reflection

Pekingese (Foo Dog) Reflection   (Listen while you read)

PekingneseYuriy_Chertok400shutterstock_19512412Gentle are we. Protected and loved are we.

We do need to be, for we, you see, are not the average type you see.

In need of love, are we.

(Unlike the Shih Tzu (who can feel alone and unloved) the gentle Pekingese receives love (similar to the baby of a loving family).

He is adored and cherished and protected from many of life’s harsher moments.

He needs to be, for this personality is somewhat fragile by nature.

Those about him will pamper him and coddle him.

There is also a slight weakness of his physical form.

The arms can feel a little weak; something like a thumb when it is injured; suddenly one knows that one has a thumb!

There is also a sense of weakness about the chest.

His chest is melancholy like a small boy who awaits the dawn of something that never comes.

All of these personality traits are known to those about him; or, if not known, they are suspected.

He is generally blessed with caretakers who offer the energies of love, protection and solace from a world that, they know, hold dangers for him.

They (his carers) may not always appreciate the subtleties of those dangers; however, they understand that he needs their strength.

And so it is that when we are attracted to the gentle Pekingese it is a time for us to allow ourselves to receive from those about us.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Tatiana_Katsai  / Shutterstock.com

Boston Terrier Reflection

Boston Terrier    (Listen while you read) 

BostonTerrierEric_Isselee400shutterstock_79919317Leave me alone.

It might seem crude. I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just that ‘love’ has forsaken me!

(Oh, poor little thing. Why do you cry? Why do you tear? Why do you fear? And why do you think that love has forsaken you?

Indeed, there are times when we can think this way.

Indeed, there are many who feel this way often; are there not? Indeed, this is true.

Many believe that love does not exist. Many, who are otherwise worldly and knowing, believe that love is ‘for the birds’. That is to say, my dear friends, they scoff at love.

For those, comes a rude awakening when love enters the playing field. For love will enter, my friend, when you are least expecting it. To be sure, some may have to wait and wait and wait for many a year for love to come a nesting; this is true. However, for those who have the patience, it does, and it will come.

For those ‘non-believers’ we say: Allow the truth to unfold, dear heart.

Do not put obstacles in its way. This can, and does prevent the appearance of love from blooming in your garden.

Do not scoff at love, dear friend.  Know that love awaits.

It may be disguised and hard to see.

This is the beauty of love, my friend; it does not always wear its heart on its sleeve.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Eric_Isselee / Shutterstock.com

Bullmastiff Reflection

Bullmastiff   (Listen while you read)

BullmastiffInna_Astakhova400shutterstock_115034941Hey gotcha. Gotcha and I’m gonna keep ya.

(Well, well, well. So you’d like to know all about me. Yeah?


Well then, I’ll tell you all about me.

I’m cute, yeah. I know; don’t laugh. I’m cute.

Don’t forget, we’re talkin’ ’bout a handful of us blokes who love to care.

Yep, we love to care. There’s not too many of us sort about, you know. Nope; not too many.

We care; not just for those near and dear; oh no, not just for those who love us.

Nope; we have love that extends ‘world-wide’. Indeed, we do.

You think this is funny? You think it’s funny that we blokes have love to spare? Yeah? Well, we’re here to tell you, it’s true. We not only love those who love us; we love everyone.

With this love comes an appreciation for those in positions that bring them harm; that bring them a lack of joy; that bring them dread. Oh yes; we understand the plight of the ordinary man; we do at that.

Well, you wanted to know, and now you do.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Inna_Astakhova / Shutterstock.com

Shih Tzu Reflection

Shih Tzu   (Listen while you read)

ShihTzuchaoss400shutterstock_117095755I just want to be loved. I’ll give anything. I’ll go anywhere. Only love me. Please love me.

(The personality of the Shih Tzu is one that needs to be loved. Generally, though not always, those of us who are attracted to the Shih Tzu have spent many a lonely hour by ourselves wondering why it is that love has forsaken us. We may be in good relationships, and yet we can feel alone and unloved. This is just an energy; one which is to be experienced (as all energies are there to be experienced).

However, this energy (that of feeling alone and unloved) can rob us of so many other experiences.

To explain: It is very difficult to relate to others who seem to be in the world.

It can be difficult to find oneself; know where one fits, when this energy of aloneness, and feeling unloved is present.

There can be a sense of separation from others; even though they may be as near as the next room, or even within the same room.

This is the energy of the Shih Tzu.

We, for whatever reason will (almost in every case) feel this energy within our lives when we are attracted to the very cute, the very sweet, the very loyal Shih Tzu.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  chaoss / Shutterstock.com

Dalmation Reflection

Dalmation Reflection   (Listen while you read) 

DalmationEric_Isselee400shutterstock_33183787Well, seriously now. To begin.

Where to begin…..?   

Is there a beginning…..?

Is there an end…..?

To have an end one must begin…

But when…..?

(Hello young lovers wherever you are; I hope your troubles are few.

All of my memories are with you to-night; I’ve had a love like you.


There are some very beautiful songs, to be sure. This song is for you, dear friend. I hope that your troubles are few.

At times, it seems as though our troubles weigh us down; do they not?

Indeed; sometimes they do.However, there is always a rainbow after a storm. We must remember this as we travel life’s highways. There is always a rainbow.

You are a deep thinker my friend. This is not always a good thing, to be sure. To think deeply is certainly an art however; we do not want to get stuck in our thinking for, if we do, it can sometimes bog us down.

Our wish for you, dear friend; is that you will discover, throughout your journey of life, the means to think deeply without bogging down.

Yes, this is our hope for you, dear friend; to continue the wonderful art of deep thinking; yet without getting stuck.

This we leave with you, dear friend, to ponder; not too deeply….!)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

September 2nd 2012

Image Credit:  Eric_Isselee / Shutterstock.com