Weimaraner Reflection

Weimaraner Reflection   (Listen while you read)

Hello all; nice to see you. Had a good day? Yes, the flowers are lovely, indeed. Have a great day. Bye for now.

(Indeed, the Weimaraner personality would have us believe in fairies. This it would. It would have us believe in all good things abiding within our world. However, dear friends, do not be deceived. Fairies and flowers are indeed wonderful treasures to behold. However, and this is where life gets tricky my friends – they are figments of our imaginations, indeed.

Some see fairies, indeed they do. All see flowers. However, what are they seeing but the production of future flowers, indeed.

The imagination allows us to see them as beauteous things that adorn our tables, our washrooms. However, my dear friends, we hasten to tell you: Would you cut the sexual organs from animals and display them in neat rows upon your desk? Yes? No? For that is precisely what you are doing, dear hearts. You are displaying something from your imagination which tells you it is a thing of beauty. Are you not?

And this is what the Weimaraner personality does, dear friends. It sees all things and chooses, via its imagination, to see the beauty, indeed. Is this a good thing, dear heart? Or is it not?

Were it to be a beauteous object which brought happiness, positivity and glad tidings; then this would be a good thing indeed. However (and this is where we find a lack in our Weimaraner personality). Were it to be an object of deceit; the Weimaraner personality may indeed be deceived. Better to see all as they are, dear friends, than to be deceived by our imagination.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk 


    1. Hi to you, too, Michelle. 😀

      Easy Weimaraner blog – I’ll have to get on over and check it out. I had a sneak peak, though it warrants more time.. 😉

      Take it easy… xoxoxo

  1. Well, that is a tricky situation. I think there is a difference between imagining all is beautiful, and the desire/ability to see the beauty amap in things the way they are. Excellent reflection, Carolyn! xoxo

    1. For some humans, Resa, particularly those of us who care to be the best we can be, can be deceived because we want to see the best in all things. It unnerves those of a finer sensibility not to uplift ourselves with the gentler, subtler energies associated with beauty. Therefore, those of this finer sensibility are more apt to be deceived by our own desire for truth, or purity, or gentility.

      I am aware of this within myself, and constantly need to be reminded that, although there is beauty, there is also a more solid and grounded approach to life that enables me to see the beauty without whitewashing, so to speak, its opposite. In this way I remain cognisant of all aspects of life; able to enjoy those things of beauty without losing sight of reality.

      I believe you summed it up very well, as you usually do, my dear friend. 😉

      1. not as much as you! 🙂 I really really just cant call myself a sweet thing- calm, quiet, well behaved, mostly kind most probably but sweet? Actually the province to which I belong is famous for sweetnatured girls, so I have seen how sweet these woman are that is why I gulp and deny vehemently when someone calls me sweet. 🙂

        1. For me, sweet, in reference to you, is your heart. A heart that wishes so much for justice and good will. I know you are feisty and fiery. However, the reason for these qualities depend upon your inner desire for truth and honour; not the sweetness of empty passivity, so to speak.

  2. Carolyn, you tell me that I make you think. I will tell you that you blow my mind away. Every time I read your posts, I have a huge smile on my face because I know – you get it, you see, and you live it.

    “they are figments of our imaginations, indeed”….can’t be said more beautifully.

    Had a good laugh about the sexual organs displays.

    1. Very sweet of you, Thank You, Dace – I can see your smile. 😀

      Once in a while a true believer can be seen on the horizon. There is always a knowing smile, and a sense of humour that cuts through the dross. That is you, my dear Dace. You are a wise soul indeed.

  3. A truth indeed. Fantacy has a place in our lives but only with discretion. Lovely post, Carolyn.

    I do like that you do audio and text. Nice! I would too but for my Brooklynese! Yikes. Folks seem to think it doesn’t match my poetry.

    Have a fine day and blog on.

    1. Thank You so much for the nomination, Aquileana. Although I’m delighted to receive your lovely gift, I don’t have the time to indulge these days.

      It’s also a joy to see you here. Your posts are an utter delight! 😀

  4. Hahaa, Marsha – To not be a Weimaraner personality is to see flowers in their ‘functional’ aspect, as well as for their beauty of form and colour.
    Oh, where would we be without our ability to see all..! 🙂

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