American Eskimo Dog Reflection

American Eskimo Dog or American/German Spitz 

(Listen while you read)


American Eskimo (Spitz)
American Eskimo (Spitz)

Lighten up, lighten up! The load’s never too heavy to bear.

We can do it, you and I.

You know what they say.

A load shared, is a load halved”.

Lighten up! Lighten up!

(You know we can do it when we band together…  Yes, matey; that’s right. A problem shared, is a problem halved.

And this is what the beautiful American Eskimo Dog teaches us this day. Share your woes, share your fears, share your joys, and share your love.

A wondrous energy has the American Eskimo Dog, indeed.

Do you share yourself with all your idiosyncrasies; with all your foibles; with all your daring; with all your ups and all your downs?

Yes, my friends; the American Eskimo Dog asks this of you this day. 

Allow that which is within to come outside to play, to cry, to laugh; to do whatever it needs to do.

This will always change.

A little sadness here, a little laughter there.

Indeed, ’tis a changing world in which we live, dear hearts.

Do we think we are any different? Yes? No?

Indeed not, my dear friends; we are no different…..!)

Carolyn  Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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61 thoughts on “American Eskimo Dog Reflection

  1. Don

    It’s a good thing to share yourself. However Carolyn, I discern very carefully where I do it. Love the metaphor of the dog. Enjoyed your post.

    1. Indeed, Don… There are certainly those, in whose hands such knowledge could be harmful. A definite self protection is required and necessary to keep one’s self safe.
      In trusted company, sharing of a deeper nature is cathartic and liberating.
      In general company (such as we experience here in WP) sharing our general joys, sadness, loves, disappointments, etc., only serves to show us our similarities, and the bonds we each share being human…
      However Don, yes, I certainly agree with you; discernment is an absolute necessity…!

    1. Yes, Sharmishtha, I believe you are quite right… They are a hardy dog and require lots of exercise… Being very intelligent, they need lots of interesting things to do; like obedience training and such like… What a lovely creature they are..! 🙂

    1. Truly a delightful post, with wonderful sentiments from a gifted young woman. And yes, her words run deep into the meaning of unity. Alas, if only we (as a race) could achieve such a state, what a more magnificent world this would be…
      Ah well, Louise; we can only change ourselves, one limited thought after another….!

  2. “..In general company (such as we experience here in WP) sharing our general joys, sadness, loves, disappointments, etc., only serves to show us our similarities, and the bonds we each share being human…” we meet amazing people in this virtual world and we touch their hearts by being open and by being ourselves.

    People come to read your blog because you share your feelings, your vision, your understanding of this world….you speak to them by just opening your heart.


    1. Thank You, Dace…. your openness and honesty keep me wondering about you and what thoughts you are putting to pen. It is your willingness to show your heart that keeps me going back for more…. In this, I appreciate your comment….
      Thank You… I’m touched.. xoxoxo

  3. ajaytao2010

    I love your voice its so soothing
    I love the way you speak, all the intrinsic quality of that sound
    lovely Carolyn oh Carolyn

  4. I really enjoyed listening to you as I read. It’s true that a load or problem shared is really a load or problem halved, and part of that is that sharing we may find new ways to handle our loads and problems that we wouldn’t have discovered on our own.

    I’ve seen some Eskimo and Husky dogs in action in the Yukon of Canada, and they love to pull a load. There may be some nipping, but they find a way to make it work, a lesson for humans, too. Beautiful dog!

    Thanks for your lovely words, which pleased my brain, eyes and ears!

    1. Thank You, Catherine…. Indeed, those beautiful Eskimo and Husky dogs seem to have that action (of working together) more or less down pat… 😉
      A great example for we humans, to be sure….
      So glad you enjoyed…. 🙂

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