Jack Russell Reflection

Jack Russell Reflection   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: Smit / Shutterstock.com
Image Credit:
Smit / Shutterstock.com

Hello, my name is Jack Russell, and I have a tale to tell.

(Indeed, my friends, the Jack Russell has many tales to tell.

And this is one of the many redeeming qualities of the famous Jack Russell. He/she will delight you with many adventurous happenings as they go merrily through their day.

That’s right, my friends. The Jack Russell personality will delight you with their wondrous ups, and their entrancing downs. For this is what they do, my friends:

They meander through life, going firstly in this direction, and secondly in that direction.

Many things shall we see the Jack Russell personality do. They will not be content to sit idly; no sir’ee, not the Jack Russell personality.

To ask the Jack Russell personality to sit still is to ask a mountain to walk – it cannot be done, my friends; no sir’ee.

We suggest, dear ones, should you have a Jack Russell personality in your life; give them space and freedom to achieve, and they will be forever at your side; indeed…)

©2015 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. We have given a Jack Russell a forever home, and he is the cutest and most affectionate little guy, loves to sleep on my lap in front f the tv and is the greatest of friends with Charlie Fox the little fx terrier, also a rescue.

    1. What great company they are, Mel. 🙂
      One of our little ones is a Jack Russell/Pomeranian cross, and he too is a rescue. What enormous love they give. They bring such smiles to human faces. 😀

    1. Thank You Jo. I haven’t really been away. I check on your blog, every now and then, to see what you are up to. I’ll pop over, in the morning, and catch up with you. 😀
      In the meantime, it’s lovely to see your face… 😀

  2. Although it feels like I’m in a Jack Russel phase, I am starting to focus on my new job.
    🙂 So many things to do besides work, yet, I love what I do!
    Next: World Peace
    Carolyn, I wish I could do that!
    Best! Resa xoxoxoxo

          1. You are so very special, Carolyn. I wish the world would/could clue into you line of sight! xoxoxoxoxo oh & Much love and kisses and hugs!

  3. My husbands sister had one of those ladies…she unfortunately got run over by a car. A spirited and lovely lady too early taken away from us.

    1. Indeed, Leya; they are a spirited little being. It’s always such a sad loss when accidents happen. Though, they (our gorgeous pets) do leave us with wonderful memories, and treasured images.

    1. Thank You, Marisa… Lovely to see you..!
      I believe I can see a little of me in this one, too.
      But then, I think there’s a little bit of all of us in many of the reflections. We are, after all, multi dimensional… Woof… 😀

    1. Indeed, the eggstra Happy Easter Bunny was generous and grand. 😀
      Here’s ‘hopping’ all was well for you and all your little four legs. 😀

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