Penguin Reflection

Penguin Reflection   (Listen while you read) 


Boy oh boy. Excitable you say! There’s so much to do. So little space. Not much time… I get tongue tied!


And so we have another beginning. New life. New experiences, to be sure.

New life holds the key for those of us who treasure remembering. Without remembering, we would be alone. Would we not?

Without remembering, we would be babes in the woods of life. Indeed, my friends, we would.

However, this is not the case. No, dear hearts, we have those guiding us; those who have gone before.

Yes, dear friends; we have those individuals who have trekked the path before us. They wholeheartedly (and with great pains) not only lead the way, but teach us along the journey, indeed.

And who are those who teach us along the way?

Look around you, dear hearts. Who do you see?

That’s right. You see others paving the way. Do you not?

And this is what happens to our Penguin personality. He/she looks around and follows the voice of experience.

Do you follow the voice of experience, dear one? Or do you trek alone?

©2014 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. Yes, indeed, Mel.
      As a youngster though, I certainly didn’t feel this way. It’s hard to watch the young make their mistakes, and yet it takes making mistakes to learn, generally.!

  1. I’ve always valued the voice of experience, and believe I walk in these footsteps! Yet, why do I choose to walk alone sometimes? It doesn’t last, because I get lonely. Yet every once in awhile…. I wallow!
    Another great reflection to muse upon. Thank you, Carolyn! xoxo

    1. Could it be that your company proves to be something you value!? Aloneness can be needed, at times, to wipe the dust off (so to speak). Then it’s back to needing other company… because loneliness is also a normal feeling.
      Just musing… 🙂

  2. A beautiful reflection, again, Carolyn. I’m now (in the writing process) reflecting back, diving into memories and what I’ve learned. And it’s quite a bit, mostly from others along the way.

    1. Been doing a bit of that myself of late. It’s a fascinating journey (life). Seems so many influence us along the way; some for the good, others for the not so good; yet all contributing nevertheless!

      Happy continued writing – not long to go now!

    1. He’s a cute little guy to follow; that’s for sure.. 😀
      I have two little 4 legs here (of the puppy-dog variety) oops..!
      Can they send you pawkisses!?
      Too late; they have… 😀

  3. Such an amazingly beautiful post, dear Carolyn!… I truly liked it and the reading stands out as always!. Sending you all my best wishes!. Aquileana 😀

  4. Yes! ~The journey is just a beginning for some and a looking back for others ~ I love this thought provoking write Carolyn ~ Good wishes for the season 🙂

  5. when I look around, I see a playground. A playground filled with kids like me who are trying to make sense of a thing called LIFE. Age doesn’t matter, playground experience doesn’t matter. What matters is an understanding that we confine ourselves to a sandbox, accept rules of the playground, and never lift our heads to realize that besides a playground, there is much more to life and existence.

    1. Not easy for a would be adventurer wishing to blaze her way through life to feel the bonds of external restrictions (and internal criticisms) securing her desires within narrow bands.

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