My Quest

My Quest   (Listen while you read)

ButterflyonStonesOlga_Lyubkin450shadowshutterstock_181794437 copyCommand over the emotional body.
This has been my quest of late.

To begin at the end:

When I can achieve this state I feel so safe within myself. Nothing worries or concerns me; I am at peace and at ease with myself.

At the beginning of this process I need to remind myself to restrain myself. This is not always easy; I have been a rather emotional being preferring to feel rather than to think.

In the process of allowing my emotional self to take a back seat, I’ve come to realise that it (the emotional body) is rather childish, and requires high maintenance.

On the other hand, when I am at peace (when the emotional body is quiet) I am no longer an energy eating machine requiring all of my attention. I am at peace; something like the energy of meditation – alert, peaceful, calm.

My body takes long, satisfying breaths.

My face is relaxed with upturned lips.

My mind is deeply relaxed and unperturbed.

It is a walking, talking meditation.

Something I enjoy creating.

Something worth working toward.

A new and interesting challenge!

Carolyn Page

©2014 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

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    1. Thank You so much, Kim.
      I’ve been meditating now for many years; in fact I taught meditation during the late 80’s and 90’s. It’s been a wonderful thing to do; as you say, it cleans out the clutter, for sure. However, since I’ve been home-bound with illness I’ve found the need for something greater. I’ve found I’ve needed to be peaceful much, much more than usual. The mind, when one is not able to do much due to lack of energy, can become a playground for self pity and chaos. Hence, the need for this new challenge for me; to be able to have greater command of the thoughts and feelings we experience on a daily basis. I’m happy to report, I’m winning… 😉 😉

      1. Good for you. I’ve been meditating off and on for years. I am going through some anxiety. On Tuesday . . .Wednesday I will be sharing what I’ve been dealing with. I need something stronger too. This month Deepak and Oprah are offering a free 21 day meditation 20 minutes. I’ve done them before and was able to free myself but this time I just don’t seem to be able to empty my mind.

        1. A terrible place to be, for sure, Kim. Sometimes it takes talking and or writing to get to the heart of the matter. Sometimes a good cry, and knowing that being helpless is an unpalatable plate we have no choice but to eat, is our solution. I wish you only the best with this, dear sister. xoxoxo

    1. Ha Har, Mel… You and me and the rest of the world would have that wish, I’m sure… 😉 😉
      The older I get the more I appreciate the need for peace of mind. We miss so much otherwise. Can’t change the past, as they say; but the future – now that’s a different kettle of fish.. 😀

    1. I’m enjoying the experience, Trisha.
      I’m concentrating upon my reactions very closely. It’s amazing me how often the emotional body wants to take charge. When this happens I allow myself to know that this is a perfectly normal thing for the emotional body to do; however, I gently bring it back and allow it to settle. I’m appreciating that all it wants is to be recognised and validated. Once I’ve done that it seems to settle, and I feel more peaceful and more in command.
      It’s been a very interesting challenge…

    1. Acceptance is always the key, I find. From that point on the storm seems to abate. It returns and I need to reaffirm my conviction to accept. Doesn’t mean I condone or would not wish for the storm to ease, though it does mean I understand my powerlessness. The storm must rage, and I must sit quietly in its centre. Not easy, Resa, I know. xoxoxo

    1. Indeed, Helen, ’tis true.
      The interesting, and most satisfying aspect to this challenge has been – I still ‘feel’ my way through experiences, but now I’m also engaging the thinking aspect, which allows me to be calm and patient enough to see a result that doesn’t end in me being untrue to the 90/10 principle. I’m now more able, through this ‘very conscious challenge’ to look after ‘me’ more. Not that I’m not conscious of the needs of others; more that I am now more aware of me. I can now see I negated me so often… It’s been a very interesting process…

  1. “Command over the emotional body”. What a powerful and wise motto!.
    I much enjoyed the audio over here. Very peaceful and introspective!.
    Thank you. Best wishes to you ⭐ Aquileana 😀

    1. Being very honest, Aquileana, it is something I’ve been working on for many a year. However, it is now something I’m taking quite seriously. Illness can do that; make you more aware of the need for mental/emotional balance. I believe I’m winning… 😉 😉

  2. I like the idea of “walking, talking meditation.” Yesterday on my blog, i had an idea for a new poem and I also enjoyed the fresh air very much. I thought of it now with your poem. Your words are lovely.

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