Bald Eagle Reflection

Bald Eagle Reflection   (Listen while you read)

Bald Eagle By Yathin S Krishnappa Own work CC BY SA 30 https commons wikimedia org windex ph pcurid 21436759

What can we tell you about the personality of those who enjoy this creature?

We can tell you there is a need to investigate those nooks and crannies within, dear ones; indeed this is what we can tell you.


We shall tell you:

This marvellous creature has the ability to turn night into day. Surely it can.

Surprised? Yes, we thought this may surprise.

And what do we mean by this?

We mean, dear heart; this marvellous ability is not given to many. No, sir’ee, it is not. And yet, dear ones, those who have this ability think little of it, indeed. Were it not for some thoughtful concentration, so to speak, this ability may go unheeded.

Do you get our drift, dear heart?


Those who enjoy this ability do not garner the strength required to find those nooks and crannies harbouring this magnificent ability (along with many abilities this marvellous personality has to offer).

Oh no, dear ones; it is not only negatives we harbour in the nooks and crannies within. No, dear hearts, this is certainly not the case. There are many potential positives, so to speak, lurking within, indeed.

Won’t you allow the beauteous qualities to present themselves, dear ones? Indeed we say to all who hold this creature on high:

Seek the truth within, dear heart. Seek those beauteous qualities within yourself, and they shall be found, indeed.

©2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Yathin S Krishnappa – CC BY SA 3.0 – https commons/ pcurid=21436759


        1. I have another request to do – The Chow Chow puppy dog – so I’ll be back 😉
          Yes, Kim, I believe this year is a new beginning for me. One which will include WordPress, and all the love here…! Ain’t life grand… 🙂

    1. Hi, Jo… xoxoxo
      Thank You; it’s good to be posting again..!
      I just ducked over to your site and saw the most magnificent pics. I’ll get back later when I’ve more time – it sure looks inviting…! 😀

  1. As I am here reading this, you follow me on Art Gowns. ⭐
    Well, it is big investigation time over here. Things are changed & still changing. In my dreams last night I found a room that has been in many dreams for the last 2 years. It’s dark, no windows & opens into dark alleys and sad places. Except last night it opened into my home. It was very dusty, piled high with stuff & even debris. I began cleaning & heard a voice say “Don’t worry about it! I’ll clean it later!”
    I kept cleaning anyway. I found so many things I’ve lost both in dreams & real life. I guess it was a lost & found dream.
    Much love to you, Dear Carolyn! xoxo

    1. Yes I did… I looked for them (to see what you’ve been up to) and they weren’t there… 😮
      What a clever girl you are. I’ll get back soon and have a better look… 😉
      Wow, that’s certainly a deep and profound dream. Happy finding all those lost bits and pieces… My goodness, what a gift to be coming home…! 😉 😉
      I’m thrilled for you..
      My little heart sings…

  2. My Shamin First Nations friend, can send Eagles long distance to heal, I owe my life to him, I had been in a horrible car accident and he used to stay up all night sending me eagles, I almost died but I pulled through because of the Eagles.

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