Episode 43 – Like Begets Like

Like begets like. This is a truism, Dear Ones.

Our dearest Carolyn continues the work of ‘change’. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest continues to change in ways untold; this she does. And to what do we refer?

We refer, Dear Ones, to the manner in which she ‘sees’ the world.

No longer troubled by matters not pertaining to her, our dearest now finds much of the worldly events quite boring.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones. Once upon a time, many years past, our dearest found it difficult to listen to the world news; so violent and, at times, nasty. (We speak gently, Dear Ones, in regard the constant angst occurring for so many.)

However, as our dearest has learned to remain objective and unaffected by the troubles portrayed in much of the world, she no longer finds those troubles to be of interest.

And this is the point of this writing:

Like begets like:  This is a truism, Dear Ones.

Should you be interested in troubling matters it will be because they hold a certain fascination for you. This is correct, Dear One. Until you remain affected by certain behaviours of others you will be drawn to them; either in your personal life, or the more impersonal method found in the daily news events upon your various communication channels.

Do not admonish yourself for this. Until you have achieved the purpose of The Light Worker of the World; i.e., freedom from fear, you will be drawn to such events that will be the catalyst for your growth. Without such events, you cannot overcome the negatives they carry.

However, as our dearest has discovered. When the purpose has been achieved there is left a vacuum; one that requires filling.

Yes, Dear Ones. As you overcome the negatives abounding within and surrounding you, there is the need to fill the void with pleasurable thoughts and experiences.

Without doing so, Dear Ones, you will be left with the inevitable – Boredom. And this, Dear One, is something we do not wish to see for you.

Many Blessings, Dear One. Many Blessings to All

© 2023 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music Credit: Asher Fulero – Snowfall Butterflies


  1. Java Bean: “When I get bored I usually find something to fling around for a little while ― stuffies, pieces of cardboard, blankets, pillows, sofa cushions …”
    Lulu: “You know you’re not supposed to fling around blankets and pillows and sofa cushions, Bean.”
    Java Bean: “Rules like that are BORING.”

    1. Hi JB and Lulu!
      I know that you two are the connoisseurs of all things ‘not’ boring!
      I’ve seen the way you demolish a cardboard box, or chase each other around the backyard. 🤣
      Yay for fun, fun and more fun… 🐶🐕💥

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