Love & Perfection Series

Part 2. The Light Worker’s Creed.

And on we go, dearest, on to part two of our new programme. We say ‘programme’, dearest, as there will be a number of posts in this series. Our hope is to enlighten all who wish to be enlightened in regard our lives as consciousness.

As written in the first post, Dear Hearts (We Are Consciousness), we are on a mission; a mission to bring all who have agreed, to a greater appreciation of their role. For those who choose to learn more we invite you to read our Free Books; available upon our website:  ABC of Spirit Talk

In our free books are the keys to remembering. This is why, Dear Ones, we choose to remind you of them. For some the remembering will be instant; for others there will be a need to read and reread the information in order for it to become assimilated; this is true, Dear Hearts. No matter in which order you find yourself, the reading will be of benefit to you. Light Worker you are, Dear One:  Light Worker you will always be!

And this is that which we shall speak upon within this post. The Light Worker’s Creed.

As a Light Worker you have agreed (loosely, so to speak) to, within this lifetime, remember. And what have you chosen to remember? You have agreed to remember who you are. This may, as we have stated, be an instantaneous event; it may take some time, reading, pondering and adjusting your attitude, Dear Heart; this is true. However, because this is an agreement you have made before entering the fantasy; this will be done at some point within your journey, or lifetime.

And what will you remember?

You will remember that you, as a consciousness, are perfect. You will have a sense of knowing that your mission is to become all that you can be; i.e. without fear, or; perfect. You will also know, Dear One, that your mission will not be easy; nor is it meant to be.

You will remember that; as you and others are becoming perfect you will, unconsciously, radiate a ‘lack of fear’. This lack of fear will heighten the energies wherever you go, Dear Heart. This is how the new fantasy of Love & Perfection is to become tangible, so to speak. Like the domino effect; all within your vicinity will be raised.

As you remember this, your energy, or vibration, will also be raised. You will find others enjoying your presence more and more.

Can you not imagine a vast army of Light Workers going about their day to day tasks radiating the higher, or finer (to be more correct) energies? Yes, dear Light Workers; your mission is to become all that you are, which is perfect. And how is this to be achieved?

By ridding yourself of all fear, Dear Ones. This is your mission.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings

Continue to the next instalment The Releasement of Fear

© 2019 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. You will remember that you, as a consciousness, are perfect. You will have a sense of knowing that your mission is to become all that you can be; i.e. without fear, or; perfect. – beautiful. I loved these words. Thank you 💖🙏🏻🤗

    1. You and me, both, Barbara.
      It is a wonderful thing to resonate with words that bring us such beauty and pleasure! It adds that ‘extra’ dimension to our lives. And a great challenge for us all…
      I know we are up for it!!!

  2. Although it’s not easy all the time, we sure do love our mission. Being conscious brought/brings so much enlightenment into our lives and it’s getting easier day by day…not always though 😉
    I have a mission too, Carolyn, to show Granny where she needs to refine her fears, when she thinks that a part of her mission is accomplished…MOL😸
    We love the way you purresent the Love&Purrfection Series and enjoyed the video very much ❤
    Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞

    1. Hahah, yes Binky, I can understand and appreciate what you say. It isn’t always easy; that’s for sure! However, I know that you will keep Granny ‘on-track’ with her mission. We all need a great friend when we are doing this work; and you are a great friend, indeed. ❤
      Thank You for telling me you both enjoyed the little video. I did enjoy making it.. 💕

        1. A wonderful video, SD; I thoroughly enjoyed its truth.
          I have just received the next instalment in this series of Love & Perfection, which will be posted over the coming week. This video, to a major degree, would be a wonderful accompaniment – it speaks with such honesty!
          Thank You so much…

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